Best 4k Gaming Monitors of October 2020

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Gaming, nowadays, is one of by far the most predominant means of entertainment. More and more people all around the world choose to own a powerful PC because it could boost gaming performance much but other peripheral devices also have an important role to play. The item that we want to mention today is the best 4K gaming monitors. However, it could be challenging for gamers to pick out the best 4K gaming monitors due to a wide range of options to take into account.

Therefore, we will account for everything you need to understand some basic details about how to choose appropriate console gaming monitors in the buying guides session, and introduce a list of perfect 4K gaming monitors with a view to helping users to possess the best ideal one.

Buying Guides

In this buying guides, we give you several aspect of a decent 4K gaming monitor that should have, follow this guides of sort and make up your mind quickly:

1. Screen Size And Resolution

When it comes to the best monitor size for gaming, possessing a big screen is not always better. The thing we should consider is pixel density (PD). That means a pixel per inch ratio of the monitor's resolution and size. In case a monitor just only possesses a low PD, there will be a restricted screen space as well as a lack of details shown. 

Added on, a too high PD can have a lot of screen space and details and need to scale the image up to large enough to read and understand it.  Therefore, you need to check carefully to get a suitable display.

Next, the resolution is always one of the most critical considerations of purchasing any monitor. It dictates how many the maximum number of pixels (horizontally and vertically) can be displayed on a monitor. Therefore, a higher resolution translates to better visual fidelity and crispness across the board – enhancing your gaming experience.

However, due to the drastic increase in the number of pixels as you go up in resolution, the graphics power required to drive games goes up as well. Almost all gaming monitors also own 1080p resolution supported by most games. What's more, a 4k panel could be a good option for gamers who use one of the latest consoles such as PS4 Pro, Xbox One X,... and have a liking for playing upscaled 4K.

2. Refresh Rate

All gaming monitors start at 60Hz and consoles only run at 30-60FPS so a higher hertz monitor would be pointless unless you plan to use this monitor with your gaming PC. A higher refresh rate display provides you with more responsive and enjoyable gameplay, and also gives you a small advantage against other players in fast-paced games. Hence, if you want to have an incredible experience whilst gaming, we highly recommend choosing a 144Hz or 240Hz gaming monitor. 

3. HDR (High Dynamic Range)

Dynamic range describes the measurement of how much the brightest area of an image differs from the darkest area. High dynamic range basically adjusts the image to make it look more true-to-life by improving and adding more details to dark areas.

However, there aren’t many PC games that support HDR at the moment, and there are also several different ‘levels’ of HDR. For instance, to truly enjoy HDR, a display should be capable of at least a 1,000-nit peak luminance, a minimum contrast ratio of 20,000:1, at least 90% DCI-P3 color gamut, and 4K UHD resolution.

In order to obtain such high brightness and contrast, it will require an expensive full-array local dimming implementation, which is available in a few high-end gaming monitors. The Predator XB273K Ultra HD could be a perfect choice.

To wrap up, you should look for at least DisplayHDR 600 certification if you want a notable enhancement over the standard image quality. 

4. UltraWide Vs. Widescreen

Ultrawide screens have an aspect ratio of 21:9 in comparison with the widescreen format of 16:9. So, you get 33% more even space for a more engaging gaming experience, which can also be beneficial as you'll be able to spot adversaries coming from the corners speedier. 

Be that as it may, a few competitive diversions restrain the angle proportion to 16:9 fair for that reason. In recreations that don’t support the 21:9 angle proportion, you may need to choose between having dark borders at the sides of the picture or having a stretched-out picture.  Moreover, there are a number of 32:9 ‘super’ ultrawide screens accessible such as LG 27UK8550- W.

5. Panel type

When it pertains to panel type, the commonly mentioned things are IPS Vs TN. There is a slight difference between them. In terms of color reproduction, IPS displays often deliver greater results but IPS has an issue that the response time is lowered to boost the color performance. On the other hand, TN panels own an affordable price and even faster response times (frequently 1ms compared to 5ms for most IPS panels). However, they sacrifice color reproduction and viewing angles for that reason. 

Below is the list of top 3 best 4K gaming monitors that can meet almost all requirements: 

TOP 3 best 4K gaming monitors for 2020

1. Acer Predator XB273K

A close cousin of the Acer Predator X27, itself once the top of this pile, the XB273K is a seriously superb 4K monitor. It harnesses everything the X27 has and does, trading off very little to rehouse it in a far cheaper model. It is immediately more tempting than the Acer X27, and the only real change is in the HDR; the XB273K has a slightly lower quality of HDR. But that's about it. And considering the still nightmarish state of HDR gaming on PC, that's not a huge miss. With a single display port cable, it'll run at 120Hz with HDR and gsync enabled. With a second displayport cable, you can get it up to 144hz without gsync. 

The Predator XB273K Ultra HD display with 4K resolution is all about no compromises on gaming performance, color or speed. Users can still get a truly excellent picture quality, with terrific color quality, contrast, and depth; the speed of the monitor means it's excellent for faster shooters or online games too. G-Sync offers the best adaptive sync technology for your rig, a beautiful assortment of ports to have you covered and offers such a well-rounded overall experience.

2. BenQ  EL2870U

The overall picture quality of this item is some of the best we've tested in recent months, especially considering it's a TN monitor. There's also a delicate balance to the capabilities and offerings of the EL2870U. Crispness and detail are beautifully presented, with good contrasts and tones. It performs well in the most vibrant of on screen environments, right down to the dingiest.

As a budget-level monitor, it does top out the refresh rate of its glorious 4K resolution at 60Hz, but that's fine for most and indeed excellent for the price and the 4K-entry point it represents. Unfortunately there's no G-Sync, but FreeSync is present to help smooth out the experience, while a 1ms response time gives it a speedy edge.

Also present are BenQ  EL2870U's original screen technologies incorporated to aid users' eyes when using the monitor for long periods. These include the Low Blue Light Technology, which removes harmful blue light that can damage eyes, and Brightness Intelligence + (B.I.+), which changes the brightness and color temperature of your on-screen images based on your surroundings.

3. LG 27UK850-W

Users can overhaul to an LG IPS 4K screen, conveying ultra HD determination with remarkably exact colors, indeed when seen off point. The LG 27UK8550- W, 27 inch show offers flexibility of USB Sort C network also the good thing about HDCP 2.2 compatibility. 

Hence, it'll consistently show 4K substance from an assortment of sources. It’s got two HDMI ports, a display port, two USB 3 downstream ports and the USB-C harbour which can interface to the MacBook Master. The astounding thing about the USB-C port is that it can supply a 4k 60Hz signal from the tablet, whilst at the same time charging it and giving control pass through and information to the two USB ports all on just the one cable.


1. What specs should I be looking for in a gaming monitor?

As we've mentioned above, Panel type, size, resolution, refresh rate, and response time are all important specs to find for a good console gaming monitor.

2. Can clients use these for PS4 and Xbox ones?

After reviewing and evaluating carefully, we have concluded that all items we list today will make your games on the PS4 or Xbox One shine! 

3. What is the difference between a regular monitor and a gaming monitor?

The advantage of possessing a gaming monitor is that the speed of response times is much faster than a regular monitor, and also get higher refresh rates like The Predator XB273K Ultra HD  and allows users to have the best gaming experience.

4. How many Hz is good for a gaming monitor?

If you need to look for a monitor that could be perfect for gaming, refresh rate could be a crucial consideration. At least 75Hz can satisfy your gaming demands that make the response time the lowest.   

5. How long does the guarantee last?

Every brand will have their own guarantee policies for their customers. If you are concerned about any items, please double-check intensively and thoroughly not only about the specs but also the way to confront any issues with your products.

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Final Thoughts

If you have a liking for owning the best 4K gaming monitor to experience the best feeling whilst gaming and you even don't care about the invested budget, the Predator XB273K Ultra HD could be by far the best ideal option with plenty of powerful and impressive specs. This 4K IPS monitor with HDR support will make your games more interesting and deliver incredible results!

BenQ  EL2870U could be the perfect option for users who want an affordable item. It also possesses the suitable specs that can give gamers the pleasant feeling. 

We hope that the data above has given you some fundamental ideas about the best console gaming monitors. As ever, spending money on your monitor is a worthy investment. It’s likely to outlast your current PC and best graphics card, so take into account planning for your next rig, too.
Our group is on 24/7 to assist you in finding the leading products, please contact us if you have any questions about the best 4K gaming monitors for 2020 as well as related to the most superb high-tech devices you want to purchase on Amazon, and we'll be here to help you discover the best appropriate one!

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