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Best Cheap Gaming Mouse of April 2021

With Artificial Intelligent, Big Data, and detailed reviews from the evaluation of 139,044 customers, JustGage experts have come up with 14 best products for Best Cheap Gaming Mouse. Let's take a look at the top brands loved by consumers: HOTLIFE, Razer, PICTEK, Redragon, Logitech G, UtechSmart, Rii.

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Playing games is considered as one of most predominant recreations with numerous individuals, particularly experiencing them by owning a great gaming PC with other peripheral devices. 
Nowadays, games could be considered as one of the all the rage recreations in the free time to blow off some steam. Whilst you are gaming, having a dependable and accurate mouse can have a great impact on your performance. Therefore, we're so glad to recommend to you a list of best cheap gaming mouses after assessing and reviewing very thoroughly, then give you the buying guides to pick out the best one that suits your needs and budget.

Buying Guides

If you want to possess the best item meeting your own demands, take a look at these features below and take them into consideration seriously. So, you can choose the best one that is worth investing your money:

1. Laser or Optical Sensor?

Laser and optical mouse has long been a controversial issue for selecting between 2 types. Optical rodents require your space, the surface you will be using whilst laser mice are more adaptive to different surfaces. Moreover, laser mice are additionally said to be much more accurate as compared to their optical rival. However, they seem to be more sensitive to dust and easily prone to skipping when under high acceleration.

2. DPI/CPI and Polling Rate

They are regarded as really important factors for your smooth gaming session. Generally, the polling rates measured by Hz refers to how many times the rodent is reporting its current place to the PC. The faster the polling rate is, the more accurately the cursor is resolved on the screen. Added on, we need to be familiar with the mouse sensitivity measured in Dots per Inch (DPI) Counts per Inch (CPI). So, the higher the DPI is, the faster the mice movement on the screen is. Similarly, the higher the DPI is, the less physical distance you need to move the mouse. Choosing a mouse with a higher DPI/CPI could be an ideal one! SteelSeries Rival 3 or Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless could be your choice due to this ideal feature!

3. Wired or wireless?

It's difficult to say whether we should select between the wireless gaming mice or the wired counterparts. With the development of wireless technology, many people really afford it due to the beneficial things like flexible movement and simple connection between them and PC. Be that as it may, some others claim that they would never go with wireless rodents as they're extremely worried about being betrayed by the battery for a short time. We can use both wired and wireless mice that are up to your needs and expectations.

4. Customization Options

Nowadays manufacturers have upgraded a plethora of customization options that can enable users to assign particular functions to each button such as assigning macros, adjusting the DPI or even loading the saved settings with just only one click.

5. Acceleration, and Lift–Off Distance

The term acceleration refers to the speed of the cursor which is calculated in G force and G equals to 9.8 metres per second. FOr example, if you transfer the mouse 3 inches by making a slow motion, it will move one distance. Nevertheless, if you transfer 3 inches by making a slow movement, the cursor will be much farther. As a result, most FPS gamers do not want to possess a gaming gear with no acceleration.

The lift-off distance is measured by how much you can lift the rodent off the surface before the mouse can't keep a record of your motion. 



1. What should I look for in a gaming mouse?

Before making your decision to purchase a gaming PC, take these features into account carefully:

  • The Sensor – Optical vs Laser.

  • Sensitivity – DPI.

  • Connection – Wired vs Wireless.

  • Programmable Buttons (MOBA/MMO Mice).

  • Size and Weight.

2. How many buttons should a gaming mouse have?

A gaming mouse owns at least 2 buttons on the left side by our thumb, one DPI button on top and the normal left, right mouse button and scroll wheel.

3. What DPI do pro gamers use?

Most pro players use a DPI setting ranging from 400 to 800.  DPI is the number of dots per second that your mouse registers when you move it. Based on that understanding, it is fair to assume that a higher DPI means you are getting more accurate tracking on your gaming PC.

4. How long does the guarantee last?

It usually lasts about 1 year. Also, all guarantee policies are well-informative on the products so you need to examine thoroughly to get the best service with the money you are investing in.

 5. What are the benefits of a gaming mouse?

  • Better Performance And Durability.

  • Superb Comfort And Ergonomic Advantages.

  • More Productive Work

  • etc...

Final Thoughts

If you're the type of gamer who likes to let the world know you're playing games, the Razer Basilisk with plenty of really impressive features could be the best ideal candidate for gamers who aspire to experience the “real” game.  In case you're on a limited budget but can pay a bit extra to get an overall better-performing mouse, this is a great option.

Nevertheless, you can consider the Razer DeathAdder with an ergonomic,  sleek design and powerful specs for your choice. It won’t make you disappointed!

If you are on a tight budget, a Rii RM105 Wired Mouse, only 1600DPI, but only $5, you can not ask much with that little of budget.

Be careful not to get too caught up in the details. While no mouse is perfect for every use, most mice are great enough to please almost everyone, and the differences are often not noticeable unless you really look for them. By the way, we hope that the data above has given you some fundamental ideas about the best gaming mouse.

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