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Best Console Controllers of April 2021

With Artificial Intelligent, Big Data, and detailed reviews from the evaluation of 15,974 customers, JustGage experts have come up with 15 best products for Best Console Controllers. Let's take a look at the top brands loved by consumers: Microsoft, Custom Controllerzz, ASTRO Gaming, Logitech, PowerA, HIRIFULL, FUNLAB, Ralthy, Be1, GameSir, Poulep, GOFOYO, YAEYE.

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    Custom Controllerzz
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    ASTRO Gaming
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You are a gamer looking for a gaming console that can effectively support all games, and well compatible with all peripheral devices such as Smartphone, PC, TV Box ...

However, the market has many similar models and types, making it difficult to choose. If you are really having trouble then below will be useful suggestions from us, as well as introducing you to the best console controllers in 2020.

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The game console or console controller is an external device that is connected to DVD players providing game entertainment. The main purpose is to control a character, object or situation in the game.

The appearance of smartphones and tablets did not reduce the impact of the gaming controller, but also made them grow stronger. Launched many variations integrating a lot of modern technologies and features.

Nowadays, there are popular console controllers like:

  • Gaming consoles: Designed specifically for game consoles, has a long history and has evolved through many stages from simple 4-button consoles to modern Playstation and Nintendo.

  • Controllers for gaming on computers, laptops (PC): A type of controller used on a computer or laptop to give a better feel than the mouse and keyboard. The most suitable games are Fifa Online and PES. Almost all gaming controllers are compatible with the Windows operating system, usually the controllers can be plugged into the machine and used immediately or in high-end products that require you to install the driver disk to be usable.

  • Microsoft's Xbox is considered to be the most typical PC gaming controller on the market.

  • Gaming controller for smartphones: Also known as GamePad, this handheld model is capable of turning your phone into a convenient gaming machine through a bluetooth wireless connection.

  • Game steering wheel: Game simulator that allows you to immerse yourself in the game to fight, they are used in many high speed racing genres. However, not everyone can afford them because of the high cost.

Yes, besides a mechanical keyboard and a good mouse, a controller is sure to be an indispensable tool in every gaming space. However, with so many products coming not only from console manufacturers but also from third parties, surely many gamers will have a lot of headache choosing the best controller for them. 

So, in a moment, we present to you the best console controllers today.

1. Sony Dualshock 4 - Your great partner in the console world

When it comes to electronic devices we will think of the name Sony in our mind, and in the gaming console in particular, Dualshock 4 is the best name of this brand. One product is enough to bring you the latest in virtual experiences.

So what does this machine have? In terms of design, the Sony DualShock 4 CUH-ZCT2G has a compact, professional design that fits comfortably in the hand. Above the smooth surface is a grainy texture to create a certain roughness in order to give a firm hand feel and avoid slipping due to sweat.

The integrated button system on the handle uses a durable rubber material with good elasticity and a smooth feeling. The two levers are very smooth and flexible, the two buttons L2 and R2 above the top feel more real when used to kick PES.

In terms of connectivity, Sony has changed from the mini USB connector to the more popular micro USB port. The old large touch screen button has become a real button, the light at the top is used to distinguish it from other handles and bring the product aesthetics.

Obviously compared to the PS3 Version, in this upgraded version Sony has optimized a lot in terms of design and features to help gamers get the best experience. So, Sony's PS4 controller called Dualshock 4 in the past has always been the standard benchmark of most gamers when choosing to buy a game controller from PC to Mobile - Tablet or even Nintendo Switch.

2. Microsoft Xbox One S - A class in the premium segment

It is flawed if we do not talk about Xbox One S, Microsoft's high-end gaming handhelds are making headlines in the gaming community today. This is a new console version upgraded from Xbox One with a powerful design and configuration.

Products from Microsoft Xbox is one of the very quality devices available today. The handle is made of medium roughness plastic combined with the grainy hand-grip to limit slippery and increase grip when sweat is released. This design is suitable for most users. Therefore, when choosing to buy, you can completely rest assured to manipulate.

All controls are fully integrated on the surface to help users operate more easily. In particular, the D-pad is also designed with a glossy plastic with a cross type for users to navigate easily without feeling tired hands. Being connected via bluetooth is very convenient with wide reception ability. There is a 3.5mm headphone jack for the most immersive audio experience.

It must be said that in terms of design, in addition to the Sony Dualshock 4, there are not too many gaming controllers on the market that can compare with the Xbox One S. With modern design, there are many different colors for you to choose from personal preference.

Xbox One S Controller is compatible with Xbox One, Xbox One S2 or Windows 10 PC when connecting wirelessly via bluetooth. For PCs with Windows 7 or higher, you must use a wired connection. Handy 3.5mm jack for you to plug in music headphones if needed.

Microsoft Xbox One S will be suitable for gamers when used to fight heavy games like Call of Duty, Batterfield or Red Dead Redemption.

3. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller - Deserved the best option overall

There are a lot of different handheld models on the market today, standout handsets like Microsoft's Xbox One S controller or Sony's Dualshock 4 handsets to smaller brands like Steelseries, Razer or MSI inspired from the controllers coming from the Xbox and PS4 consoles.

Both these two controllers from Microsoft or Sony have their own strengths and weaknesses, and both are currently supported by Steam for PC use. But now that everything has changed, Nintendo has released the Switch Pro Controller model which was originally for the Switch, but many PC gamers have bought it to play games on Steam, so much so that Steam has supported them. Hold this instead of just having to find an emulator as an Xbox 360 controller at first.

Talking about the grip feeling, this Pro Controller gives a very solid grip and a snug fit. The two sides of the handle have tiny dot motifs, making the grip feel more solid. The handle's plastic is made of rough plastic, so the grip feels very clinging to the hand, not slippery even though the user's hand has sweat.

The Pro Controller has a pretty good button design, the ABXY buttons are big, easy to press, and the button feels very light. The buttons L, R, ZL, ZR have quite short press journeys, may not be familiar at first, but when you get used to it, such short travel is very reasonably designed, creating much faster operation. The left and right analogs are used smoothly, the press down is not as hard as the Joy-Con Switch analog. The +, -, home and screenshot buttons on the Switch are made horizontal to the surface of the handle, preventing gamers from pressing the wrong button.

Hand Control (like Motion Plus of Wiimote) can be called quite stable, useful in some games like Prey (2017), Zelda Breath of the Wild in Cemu emulator, or even Steam allows you to Edit, use it as a camera control in some games, although it doesn't support Motion Control (tested with The Witcher 3, it works quite smoothly). 

And especially the battery life of this controller is about 40 hours of continuous use, far exceeding the Dualshock 4 battery and Xbox One S controller which is only 3-4 hours. Compared to Xbox or PS4 controllers, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller has the longest battery life. Gamers can experience fighting games with many rounds of resistance without fear of running out of battery or interrupting the controller.

With the above great advantages, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller will be the best choice overall, worthy of one of the best Console controllers of 2020.

4. Logitech F710 - Not a bad choice

Obviously compared to the 3 big brothers above, the Logitech F710 has a bit of a loss in all aspects. However overall, this is still one of the best console controllers worth your consideration.

With a convenient wireless design, easy to connect to a laptop, a computer via a compact USB receiver with a stable and fast 2.4 GHz data transmission speed.

In addition to certain comfort when handling games, the intelligent dual vibration feedback mode also gives gamers the truth of every hit, collision between characters in the game, not as virtual as the other cheap handhelds.

The button system on the Logitech F710 is well arranged, scientifically and familiar to gamers, allowing you to easily control the actions without spending much time getting used to again. The two sides of the handle are covered with a smooth and firm rubber cushion.

Feel free to customize settings as you like, with the Logitech F710 no longer boring default settings. Gamers can easily set up buttons with separate features according to their preferences and different types of games.

A small minus point is that sometimes not all Logitech F710 games are compatible, so it is imperative to use emulator software to support them.

5. GameSir G4 Pro - the console controller is very popular on both PC, Androids and iOS

Finally - GameSir G4 Pro, a product of game controllers on both PC, Androids and iOS, is very popular among gamers. With parts that are extremely scientifically constructed and use high quality rubber materials, there is a certain sense of smoothness even when held for many hours.

Thanks to the powerful Turbo engine, even if users press and release continuously while playing shooting games, it still delivers high sensitivity and is very smooth. The buttons on the handle are arranged in different angles from 115 degrees to 150 degrees to suit phones with screens from 3.5 to 6.3 inches.

This product is easy to exchange and connects wirelessly via the 2.4 Ghz USB port. Allows GameSir G4 Pro to work effectively on all platforms such as Windows, iOS, Android, Android TV Box (operating system 4.0 and above) or when playing PuBg Mobile or Free Fire games...

Equipped with a powerful configuration, which must mention the perfect combination between high-end 32-bit MCU chip capable of accurately calculating 48 million times / s and advanced Realtek Bluetooth 4.0 technology. Depending on the type of game, you can adjust the frequency and intensity of vibrations to best suit.

GameSir G4 Pro uses Lithium Polymer Battery with a capacity of up to 800mAh, corresponding to continuous use time of about 10 hours. If supported OV recharge, the maximum can use the handle for a long time up to 30 hours.

With 4 clear LED displays, you can control the power level of your battery. In addition, the manufacturer also integrated into the product smart energy saving technology for 1 minute after starting and automatically went into sleep mode if after 10 minutes, the device does not work.

Despite taking the final position, recently, GameSir G4 Pro has always been a popular choice of gamers.


1. What can I select the best console controllers?

There are 5 main criteria for you to base on:

  • Design, neat hand-held design 

Because it is a handheld product line, it is required to have a neat design, handy design to handle. The surface of the handle should have rough texture to create a firm feeling and after a period of continuous operation, it should not be slippery because of hand sweat.

Pay attention to the two sides of the handle to create a smooth feeling, you should try to check whether the two sides are covered with rubber or not. Separate buttons must be rubber to be smoother and for a long life.

  • Choose wired or wireless bluetooth connection

Game console supports both wired connection via USB port and wireless connection via bluetooth. If you love being neat and handy, all kinds of bluetooth-connected wireless handles will fit.

But if you choose wireless handles then you have to pay attention to its battery capacity. As far as we can observe, most of the gaming controllers on the market mainly use Lithium batteries with a capacity of about 800-2000mAh.

  • Compatible with peripheral devices

For the product line of gaming controllers only for phones or also known as gamepads, we are temporarily not screened. Because most of these controllers are compatible with phones with screens 4-6.3 inches, but must use the operating system Android 4.1 and above.

As for the more versatile handsets, it is hardly very picky, as they can be quite compatible with many peripheral devices, not just phones; such as Play Station game console, PC, TV Box, Androids TV...

  • Where to buy the console controllers

Currently, you can easily choose to buy gaming controllers on Amazon (according to the links we have cited) or you can go directly to the manufacturer's website.

What is the warranty for the gaming controller? If a product has a long warranty period will help us feel more secure during use, unfortunately if the product has any damage, you absolutely can bring it to its center for warranty.

The series of gaming controllers have many similarities with gaming mice in terms of warranty period, usually ranging from 12 months to 3 years.

2. How many segments are there based on the price of console controllers?

Gaming controllers are sold at a wide range of prices ranging from mobile gaming products and accessories that only cost a few dollars to high-end products worth a few hundred dollars.

In order to make it easier for you to follow, below we have divided into 3 most popular price segments on the market for console controllers:

  • Cheapest price, under 15 USD: In this price segment, there are mainly handheld products that support playing games on the phone. Support for wireless connection via bluetooth and built-in heatsink slot.
  • Reasonable price, from 15 USD to 50 USD: Gaming controller in this segment will support well on both smartphone and PC. Some popular gaming controller brands in this segment are Logitech, Xiaomi.
  • The most expensive price because it is the highest-end product, 50 USD or more: Because it belongs to the high-end series, the gaming controller in this segment can be compatible with all peripherals from phones, PCs to TV Box . Famous gaming controller brands are Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.

3. Overall, which brand of console controller is the best?

Overall, which brand of console controller is the best?

  • Microsoft

In the field of accessories and electronic devices, the gaming controller seems to be the most appreciated device of this US technology magnate. Microsoft gaming controllers are primarily designed for Microsoft's Xbox One consoles.

  • Sony

Definitely indispensable Sony, although in recent years, the products such as smartphones and televisions of this brand have somewhat declined, but in the accessories segment Sony is still the biggest rival of many brands.

Similar to the ear cups, Sony gaming controllers bring in their superiority from sleek, eye-catching and ergonomic design. Besides, it is effective against vibration when playing heavy games.

Most of the Sony gaming handheld products are compatible with peripherals such as smartphones, tablets, tv boxes or Android TVs.

  • Logitech

The distinctive feature of Logitech gaming controllers is the variety of models, from mid-range wired controllers to high-end bluetooth wireless controllers that are all for gamers. new experience.

  • Xiaomi

The Xiaomi ecosystem over the years has been constantly expanding and increasing, especially in the accessories segment with some best-selling items such as selfie sticks or gaming controllers.

At the level of perfection in terms of design, most of Xiaomi's gaming handhelds are highly appreciated, in which the shell uses Samsung's grainy resin material to ensure resistance and minimize slippery condition. slip when out bad hands.

Simultaneously compatible and connect well with all Xiaomi peripherals such as Smartphone, Android TV Box or Smart TV via bluetooth 3.0 port or higher. Anti-shake mode is built into the handle when playing heavy games.

4. When using the console controller, what should I look for?

If during the game, the player feels frustrated or inhibited because he feels uncomfortable, it is best to stop playing. If not, it may damage the console and incur a different fee to purchase a new controller.

In case you own a digital gaming controller, the player should not press the button too hard because it may paralyze the controller's buttons. This is a bit difficult for gamers when playing thrilling games, but it will help players preserve a longer lasting gaming controller.

If a player drops or gets angry while playing the game, the player should be careful, otherwise it may fall and injure the leg.

Damaged gaming controllers can lead to electric shock or electric shock, so players must be careful, and shouldn't joke around with their lives just because they don't want to replace new controllers.

5. Why should gamers use a console controller?

In addition to FPS or RTS games, there will be quite a lot of people who think that for third-person action games like Tomb Raider, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice or sports games like FIFA, PES or fighting game genre like Mortal Kombat, Dead or Alive or Injustice, etc.… it is essential for gamers to own a controller for themselves.

Using a gaming controller to control the character always feels more comfortable to move, the button allocation is more comfortable, easier to use and use than the keyboard we often use. Not to mention that the optimization for the mouse keyboard in some games by Japanese developers is quite poor compared to Western brands.

For example, when the game Dark Souls was released on the PC, the control of the character was so bad that the writer had to endure until he bought a gaming controller to be able to experience the game well.

In addition, if you are a loyal fan of games like Cuphead, Okami HD, NieR: Automata, Nioh, etc., you should buy yourself a console controller for the best possible experience.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Sony Dualshock 4 and the Logitech F710 are the two most worthy gaming controllers for you to own right now.Meanwhile, if you already have an Xbox One, Xbox One S2 or use a PC running Windows 10, of course you can't ignore the Xbox One S.

Hopefully through this article you have found yourself the best console controllers to be able to play well on all games, whether simple or complex.

As a tech-enthusiast and a genuine gamer, she always strives to provide readers with the objective information from her experience. Tracy graduated in computer science and has been working with computers for more than 10 years. Besides, it's also known that she is a professional marketer. Tracy has appeared in many popular game magazines and newspapers. With her efforts and experiences, Tracy hopes to bring many objective reviews for gamers.
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