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According to the development of technology, AAA games are becoming more and more beautiful, more realistic, but also consumes more RAM. RAM for gamers is not just beautiful enough, they also have to have high performance to meet the increasingly demanding requirements of the current and future gaming market.

And surely you have heard or known that the best RAM for gaming is DDR4 Ram. Where did it come from? In this article, we will learn what DDR4 Ram is and from there we will find out those best DDR4 Rams for gaming PCs. 

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For those who do not know, today's DDR RAM is based on SDR, the type of RAM used from the 90s of the last century. They are relatively slow and have little memory, so they can only transmit a block of data during a clock cycle.

The original DDR RAM design was upgraded to DDR2, DDR3 and now DDR4. They share the same technology, the same physical size, but offer faster speeds and powerful improvements over time.

And because RAM is not backward or forward compatible. If your motherboard is designed for DDR4 RAM, then any other type of RAM won't work with it. So we need to pay attention to choose the right type of RAM when building or upgrading the PC to match with other components of the machine.

Today, we won't be able to find any DDR2 RAM sticks, but they have been in common use since 2004. Whereas DDR RAM transfers two blocks of data per clock cycle, DDR2 can transmit 4 blocks of data at the same time, and DDR3 is even more powerful: 8 blocks of data per clock cycle.

So, how about the DDR4 Ram? DDR4 is a valuable upgrade from DDR3 and is now widely used, and can be considered the standard of RAM required on any gaming PC. DDR4 Ram uses a lower power source than DDR3, only about 1,2V. However, its data transfer speed is at an amazing level, from 1600 - 3200 MT/s. That’s why DDR4 Ram is the best Ram for gaming.

Most DDR4 RAM sticks on the market today are available in either 8GB or 16GB capacities, but if you prefer, you still have 32GB RAM options from many manufacturers.

When choosing DDR4 RAM for gaming, you need to note a few things. The first is that the capacity must be at least 16GB for most serious gaming PCs, or if you are more mature, you can still raise it to 32GB so that you can later avoid having to find more RAM pairs. additional. Second, you need to pay attention to the speed of RAM. In general, you just need to choose a clock above 3000MHz.

Below that will be the top 3 best DDR4 Ram for gaming PCs today:

1. Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB 32GB DDR4-3200 MHz - the best RAM for gaming

For $ 243.28, you have yourself a beast in the world of gaming pc. That name tells everythings, the Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR4 has proven that it is the best DDR4 Ram for gaming. Obviously Corsair outdid itself with the Dominator Platinum RGB. Early DDR4 memory has been our favorite high-end memory pack for quite some time now. Its sleek exterior, patented DHX cooling technology and unrivaled performance have made it a formidable flag over the years, topping our best DDR4 RAM for gaming roster. Now, the iconic Dominator Platinum is back with a stealth new design and Corsair's new Capellix LED technology.

Dominator Platinum RGB has good performance, adding higher clocked SKUs and 12 Capellix RGB LEDs. The new LEDs are brighter and more efficient than previous iterations. Combined with Corsair's formidable iCUE software, the Dominator Platinum RGB has become the best-in-class RGB and top-performance toolkit.

2. Crucial Ballistix RGB 3200 MHz DDR4 DRAM Desktop Gaming Memory Kit 32GB - fully customizable RGB

If you are personalizing and modifying your PC, Crucial's Cristial Tactical Tracer RGB series is another worthwhile option. Available in 16GB- 32GB - 64GB configurations at 2666MHz and 3000MHz, the latest Ballistix DDR4 memory is suitable for a wide range of builds at a reasonable price point. The highlight here is the set's 16 addressable RGB LEDs with eight zones, which are controllable, and you can easily detach a light bar to diffuse and enhance the RGB effect.

With $159,95 - the Crucial Ballistix RGB DDR4 32GB offers free 3D files that allow you to print different light bars to give a variety of aesthetics to any build. Permissioned users can modify existing files to print their own gamer card or custom design. Alternatively, you can remove the light bar completely for a glare effect. Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB offers customization that lacks G.Skill's Trident Z RGB series, and when you look at the cutting edge software and capabilities that come with the Ballistix suite, it's easy to see which is the top pick for modders. PC.

But if anyone who likes PC mods, the Crucial Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB RAM is a worthy choice to consider. Besides the affordable price of $80,99, the highlight of this Crucial Ballistix Tactical Tracer RGB is in 16 ARGB LEDs with 8 separate zones. In addition, you can replace the light bar to produce more eye-catching and colorful lighting effects as you like.

3. G.Skill Trident Z Neo 32GB DDR4-3600 MHz - Best RAM for gaming with AMD motherboards

G.Skill's Trident Z RGB RAM comes as no surprise that the company's Trident Z Neo series has also earned a spot here. Similar to the original Trident Z RGB series, the Trident Z Neo features a dazzling RGB lighting that is elegantly executed. More importantly, the Neo series is optimized for AMD Ryzen builds, making this budget-friendly option the perfect choice for budget Ryzen computers.

Similar to the overall performance of your Ryzen PC build, the Trident Z Neo gives you a great experience. You can get a 32GB set for $149,99, which means you can easily upgrade your machine to 64GB high-speed (unnecessary) DDR4 memory too.

Trident Z Neo comes in a variety of speeds and configurations ranging from 2600Mhz to 3800Mhz. Each module is equipped with five individually addressable RGB LEDs that can illuminate any beautifully crafted PC.

But if you want the RGB configuration too, G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series 16GB will be the best suitable RAM for gaming in this range. With $79,99, this DDR4 Ram is one of the most elegant RGB lighting implementations we've ever known. This luminaire illuminates itself with five individually locateable RGB LEDs, and a dim diffuser produces a soft light that looks great in any PC build.


1. Should I choose DDR3 RAM or DDR4 RAM?

The DDR3 and DDR4 RAM upgrade also depends on many other factors such as the hardware in use or intended to be used in the future, from which you decide which RAM to upgrade for your computer.

If you are still using old motherboards and using 4th or 5th generation CPUs then you are still using DDR3 when you find all the compatible tools. If you have the latest motherboards today, with 6th generation Intel CPUs, DDR4 RAM will be a good investment for the future - it's hard to believe that DDR4 RAM won't be used as often. next time.

2. What are the advantages of DDR4 ram when I build a Gaming pc??

 - DDR4 is the fastest, which means data will be transferred between RAM, CPU and other components at a higher speed, and the device will run faster.

- DDR4 saves more power, IE computers, phones will have longer batteries. Today's laptops often have 4GB or 8GB of RAM, so it will save a lot of power, and upcoming smartphones will also expand over 4GB of RAM, so it is also effective.

- And each DDR4 memory chip could have a greater density, which means that each DDR4 RAM stick will have a larger capacity. Theoretically, a single DDR4 stick can support up to 512GB, while DDR3 is currently 128GB only. In fact, 16GB DDR4 stick has been around since 2014 and promises to increase rapidly over the next few years. Meanwhile, on the DDR3 market, you can easily find the 8GB bar, 16GB is rarer, and the higher level is yet to be seen.

That’s why we said DDR4 is the best DDR4 Ram for gaming PCs.

3. When should I go for DDR4 Ram?

Right now you can spend money to buy DDR4 RAM, but there is a high possibility that your current hardware does not support this new memory standard (due to CPU, chipset, mainboard ...). In addition, because it is still new, the price for DDR4 RAM is still expensive. According to many analysts, it may be 40% to 50% higher than DDR3 RAM of the same capacity.

For example, if you buy 16GB DDR3 RAM for $ 140 then you will buy 16GB DDR4 RAM for about $ 210. So unless you know very well what you need and why DDR4 will make your work better, you should upgrade.

4. Assuming I'm not the type to look for RAM sticks with massive heat dissipation, lights that focus only on performance and potentially impressive overclocking capabilities?

Then welcome to Samsung, the world's leading brand of RAM production that few people know, because their products simply focus on OEM as well as selling chips to other partners. The Samsung DDR4 series with $59 and $65 is one of the best known RAM sticks for DDR4, buy cheap RAM clocked at 2133MHz but can easily reach a clock speed of 3200MHz, the performance is of course completely superior. There is only one limitation, which is the absence of a nice cooling system and trendy LEDs. If you don't care about looks then this is a very attractive option for you.

5. Which DDR4 RAM is the cheapest, but it's also the best for a Gaming pc?

Hmm… that’s said you’ll get what you pay for but if you asked, we'd love to introduce the Kingston HyperX FURY 16GB Kit. Among the DDR4 RAM available on the market, it can be confirmed that the HyperX Fury KIT Black is the cheapest version that you can buy at stores that sell computer components as well as build gaming configurations.

Although there are no color options, the glossy black shell of HyperX Fury is still very suitable for many motherboards, highlighting the level of a gaming computer system, which is the pride of many gamers.

Final Thoughts

Conclusion can be summed up like this:

- The most powerful high end DDR4 Ram: Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR4 for those who have plenty of money and want to build the best Gaming PC possible.

- The most beautiful & elegant Ram: Surely is the Trident Z Neo, this is a DDR4 RAM aimed at the gamers market with the trend of RGB LEDs that has become extremely hot over the past time. If you are a fan of RGB, the TridentZ Neo RGB RAM Kit is an indispensable thing in your chassis because this is the computer RAM with the best LED effects today.

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