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Best Gaming Chairs of March 2021

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This often than not overlooked piece of equipment adds a nice touch to your gaming experience. Some people would say that they don’t need it. “Why don’t you just take any chair lying around the house?” they said. But after one long gaming session, you will feel sore all over your body. Therefore, you really need the best gaming chairs to make sure that won’t happen again and you may save your medical bills in the long run.

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Gaming chairs are designed for prolonged sitting. It helps you feel at ease when spending hours on end in the seated position. But among the vast number of gaming chair options available, you seem to be at a loss and wonder how to choose the one that suits you the most? Here is our recommendation of features that need to be looked out for when choosing the best gaming chairs for yourself.

1. Comfort & Support

Comfort is the number one reason why people are willing to pay more. You don’t want to damage your joint and back while enjoying your gaming hobby.

The first thing to check is the height and weight requirements. Features and design may be the first things that come to your mind when speaking about gaming chairs. But you need to make sure that it could fit your whole body. Some lineups like DXRacer’s Formula Series DOH/FH08/NB and Secretlab’s Throne Prime target smaller gamers. On the other hand, there are also some series that are suitable for gamers with large size bodies.

You need to pay attention to other features that could make you feel extra comfortable and secure while in the heat of the battle. They are armrests, lumbar support, and headrest. Armrests support your lower arms and wrist so that they don’t feel numb after extended time at the computer. The other latter features help set your back straight and avoid pain from sitting in discomfort for far too long.

2. Material & Durability

The right material can make all the difference. It is the key factor that determines not only how good or luxury your chair feels but also how long will it last. Read more to find out about different types of materials and their durability:

  • Leather: Genuine leather is expensive, but worth the price. More than just offering a generous look and feel, it is also far more durable than other materials and resilient to crack and peel over time. Those made from this material like Noblechairs Epic will stand the test of time. In addition, real leather is far more breathable and won’t make you sweat.

  • PU Leather: This type of material is inferior to real leather in terms of sturdiness and breathability. But it can mimic the look and feel of the latter material at a much lower price. Furthermore, they are available in a variety of colors, being synthetic and all. Check out this GTRACING GT890M Gaming chair which is available in different colors (and a built-in Bluetooth speaker to boost).

  • PVC Leather: Some gamers love to enjoy some snacks and drinks while playing their favorite titles. Chairs made from PVC leather such as GT OMEGA PRO are like god-send to these people since they are easy to clean and less expensive than the two above materials. On the downsize, their breathability is very lacking so for those who sweat a lot they need to take a second thought.

  • Mesh: Very few gaming chairs are made from this type of material. The reason is that it is very difficult to clean and less durable long-term. In exchange for that, mesh gaming chairs are famous for their exceptionally cooling properties. Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair is one such product.

  • Fabric: This option is ideal for those who value breathability and softness above all. But this also comes at a price, fabric is not very durable and prone to spills and stains. Arozzi Vernazza is the perfect fit if this material is your choice.

3. Adjustability & Ergonomics

Aside from material and comfortability, another thing to look out for is the adjustability. Despite all of the above features, some users may still can’t feel comfortable sitting in their brand-new gaming chair. Here’s the thing: they just need to do some adjustments.

Maybe you want to recline back into certain posture at a certain angle. In that case, the gaming chair of your choice should have the ability to adjust armrest, headrest as well as height adjustment. The ability to lock the chair at a tilted angle is another important one since it helps you to find just the “spot” you need to stay calm and relaxed.

4. Style & Design

Getting a chair that is comfortable and durable is high priority. However, gaming chairs are well-known for their aesthetic looks that can cater to varying tastes of the users. You could go for the elegant design of Corsair T3 Rush or a minimalist aesthetic yet efficient like NeueChair or something majestic like Noblechairs ICON. The choice is yours.


1. Who are gaming chairs for?

Despite the name, gaming chairs are not used exclusively by gamers. They are suitable for everyone whether you are an office worker, someone suffering from back pain or just simply want to sit down on a fancy chair with all the luxury built-in features.

2. Is there anything else I need to know before buying a gaming chair?

Aside from factors mentioned in the buying guide, here is the checklist of some other key areas you need to take into consideration:

  • Is this chair suitable for my needs? (you intend to use it for pc or console gaming? Or even for office work?).

  • What is its weight capacity? Can it support my weight?.

  • How is the build quality considering my budget?.

  • Does its design appeal to me?.

  • Is this chair able to fit in my available space?.

  • What is everyone’s opinion on this chair? (Read the review first).

  • Is it a prebuilt or DIY chair?.

  • If it is the latter, how long does it take to assemble this one?.

3. How many kinds of gaming chairs are there?

Fun fact, the first gaming chairs were designed as racing simulator seats for racing games. Therefore, they often resemble sports car seats. There are three major categories of them:

  • Pc gaming chairs: Mostly in the form of racing seats, these types of chairs are specialized for sitting behind desks. Therefore, they are fitting for pc gaming or even doubles as an office chair. They also often have swivel capabilities so that you can move around.

  • Console gaming chairs: As the name implied, they are designed for console gamers. The most popular of these types is the classic Rocker gaming chair, featuring an L-shaped seat put on the floor, without any wheels. Most console gamers favor them because you can sit in a much “laid-back” posture, with controllers in hand.

  • Bean bag chairs: They are not specifically designed for gaming activity. However, thanks to the softness and comfortability, they have become somewhat a popular choice for gamers, especially for console gaming. One major advantage of bean bag chairs is that you can sit or even lay down on them in a variety of postures. They are also affordable to boost.

4. Are there gaming chairs for big guys like me?

Most gaming chairs can support up to max 250lbs. if you are a person with a larger frames or big body, you can check out some of the chairs listed below:


Max weight support

Price range




Homall Gaming Chair






AKRacing Masters Series Max



Likewise, if you are a tall person, you could find those with higher headrest to accommodate your heights. Or you could find one that has a better back height adjustment. The important thing is to find one that fits your whole body dimension, not weight or height only.

5. Do gaming chairs eliminate all health risks?

No. Gaming chairs only make sure you stay comfortable and support the neck, spine, and lower back. However, it is recommended to take short breaks between gaming hours and exercise regularly. Plus, remember to sit correctly, set your back straight, no sinking, or slouching into the chair.

Final Thoughts

Gaming chairs are mostly marketed toward gamers. However, the truth is that anyone who spends more than ten hours or so in front of a computer should get one. Hopefully, the information we provided you with so far has helped you in picking the ones that suit your needs.

As for the best gaming chairs, the top spot belongs to VERTAGEAR S-Line 5000. If money is no object, this fantastic piece of work has an extensive amount of adjustment options. It is also easy to assemble, just follow the instructions and you will get the ideal gaming chair within 20 minutes.

Another top of the line option is Secretlab Omega 2020. This reasonably priced gaming chair is stunning with PU leather or Napa leather design. Widely regarded as one of the best gaming chairs at the moment, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Whenever you want to immerse yourself into the virtual world, watch some movies or do some work, the gaming chairs provide just the extra comfort you need. There is nothing better than relaxing in the best gaming chairs, then quietly exclaim “that hit the spot” and pick up a controller (or a mouse) to enjoy your gaming hobby.

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