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Owning a superb gaming PC is something decent that allows us to have the best exciting performance. Be that as it may, other peripheral devices also contribute considerably to the stunning gaming experience. Therefore, in today’s review, we want to mention one of the most important components that can make a big difference whilst gaming or even daily productivity - the keyboard.

Gaming keyboards may be pricier, but they also offer features that cheap office peripherals can't match, such as mechanical keys, software suites that let you reprogram keys, and RGB lighting. Let’s take a look at a list of best gaming keyboards and our buying guides that can be beneficial for you to pick out the best one.

Buying Guides

Before looking at several recommended best gaming keyboards, these features below can assist you in narrowing down your options and easily selecting the ideal one for your needs and money you are investing in:

1. Types Of Gaming Keyboards

Currently, gaming keyboards are usually categorized into 4 types that are available in the market:

  • Membrane

This type of keyboard has only outlines, symbols printed on a flat, and flexible surface. Under each key is a rubber thin membrane that presses on a circuit layer and registers the key pressed. Therefore, they are often much lighter and offer a reasonable price owing to the simple technology. Added on, these keyboards are also more portable and softer than the mechanical gaming keyboards. Be that as it may, the membrane one is less durable and especially hard to clean.

  • Mechanical

In this keyboard, it has physical switches running under the keys to sense when you have pressed the key. The mechanical one is considered as by far the most preferred option by gamers due to the durability, the fast experience, and tactility. Moreover, it is more accurate than the membrane technology. However, mechanical keyboards are usually louder and heavier compared to the membrane counterparts.

  • Scissor Keyboard

This special type of keyboard is usually available in the laptop. In this type, keys are attached to the keyboards by using two plastic pieces that interlock in a "scissor" like fashion. Nevertheless, they offer much pricier cost.

  • Opto-Mechanical Keyboard

The optical (light) sensors are installed and as soon as keys are actuated, these light sensors instantly activate the switch command. Optical technology is a perfect durable choice compared to other counterparts as optical actuation minimizes physical contact. Therefore, with this cutting-edge technology, it has superseded traditional switches as they deliver the best performance, and the interest from the gamers shows that this is the future. 

2. Wired or Wireless

  • Wireless gaming Keyboards

As the name suggests, they offer mobility since they are portable. Also, the wireless gaming keyboards allow users to communicate with gaming PCs due to the assistance of radio-frequency, infrared or Bluetooth technology. However, facing the battery discharge problem is regarded as an experience that is not stunning anymore!

  • Wired Keyboards

Nowadays, we're quite familiar with the wired keyboards. This type is such a beneficial peripheral device that you do not care much about the power (battery recharge) compared to the wireless one. The wired keyboards are often connected with gaming PCs via USB slot. However, there is an issue that the USB connection is overloaded with other connections in the PC. Moreover, PS/2 is also another keyboard connection but PS/2 is rarely available whilst the most popular slot nowadays is USB.

3. Illumination

This is one of the most decent factors that almost all gamers care much about. Gaming keyboards come with bright backlighting. When it comes to backlighting, gamers usually have three choices in gaming keyboards: none, one color, or full RGB keyboard. If you prefer to play games in darkness, then even a mono color backlight can be beneficial. An RGB gaming keyboard offers the full RGB range of colors, allowing it to display subtle pinks, bright purples, dark reds, and every color in between. The Razer Huntsman Elite or  the Corsair K95 RGB Platinum  is quite well-equipped with this feature for the sake of helping have a better gaming performance.

4. Keyboard size

The size of the gaming keyboard is another factor that users need to take into consideration. Some keyboards possess a lot more keys like number pad, many special function keys, directional cursor keys and they are well-designed to fulfill special gaming demands. Therefore, make sure that the keyboard you're picking out can fit your gaming desk, and are effortless to handle in your gaming space. 

After investigating and assessing very thoroughly and intensively based these features of buying guides above, we recommend for you the list of top 3 best gaming keyboards that can meet almost all requirements:

TOP 3 best gaming keyboards for 2020

1. Razer Huntsman Elite Gaming Keyboard

This is one of the best gaming peripheral devices related to the gaming keyboard. The Razer Huntsman Elite offers users a much faster experience with Razer Optical yusse light-based actuation, registering key presses at the speed of light compared to the legacy mechanical switches. An ergonomic fabric could be another bonus for someone who is a big fan of something lightweighting.

Moreover, this item is also called "unrivalled durability" due to the support up to 100 million clicks with a 2-year manufacturer warranty. Additionally, the feeling of every key is extremely consistent, and the quality and construction of the Huntsman Elite are exceptional, even among the premium mechanical keyboards. It is also fully equipped with a Programmable Macro Key that allows us to lower reaction times as you just need a single keystroke to perform a predefined combination of actions.

2. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 

This is a keyboard that its dynamic multicolor per key backlighting with Light Edge. For instance, it adjusts each key's color and illumination level in addition to 19 zones on the top edge light bar for sophisticated and dramatic animations. Added on, the Corsair K95 RGB Platinum features Cherry MX Speed key switches backed by a lightweight aluminum frame. This item also offers USB connection for users who have a liking for wired one, and amazing software so it's effortless to set up and simple to customize. Eventually, this keyboard is easy to get any dust or particles off the keyboard..

3. Vulcan 121 Aimo RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

In Vulcan 121 Aimo RGB, the keys firstly are the most unique keycap. The switches are really satisfying to press. For example, the key action is very crisp, they're slightly indented so they have a good feel around your finger, and the plastic is nice to touch. The Roccat Swarm software used to control it also works as intended. Roccat swarm software can also be used to make macros and reassign keys. Also, it has a minimalistic design, is quite robust and well built so it seems to be durable. Be that as it may, the wrist rest comes off a bit easily and isn't the best in terms of providing comfort.


1. Why are gaming keyboards wired?

A wired one is often much more stable, doesn't need to be charged and generally offers a cheaper cost compared to the wireless counterparts.

2. Can you use a gaming keyboard on a laptop?

Nowadays, most modern keyboards can connect via USB. As long as your laptop has a free USB port you could plug in your mechanical gaming keyboard and use it with your laptop.

3. Are wireless keyboards slower?

Yes, the wireless keyboards tend to be somewhat slower than their wired cousins are. Although this isn't a problem for most people, it could make some users annoyed if they play computer games requiring fast response times on the keyboards.

4. How long does the guarantee last?

Currently, almost all manufacturers also have their own warranty policies to help their customers with the best services. Therefore, you need to digest the information on the website or in the guarantee paper to make sure that you completely make sense of it.

 5. What causes keyboard lag?

For some circumstances, you may encounter the lag while gaming, it occurs as the result of a lack of memory. However, even computers with sufficient memory can experience poor keyboard performance. "Filter Keys," a setting in the Windows "Accessibility Options," ignores short or repeated keystrokes, which a user may interpret as lag.

Final Thoughts

If you are in search of the best peripheral device - gaming keyboard that enables you to get the stunning performance while gaming as well as everyday productivity, The Razer Huntsman Elite could be your perfectly ideal choice due to the powerful features as we’ve mentioned above on the “List of top 3 gaming keyboards” session. 

However, if you are likely to own a gaming keyboard with much more reasonable price, Vulcan 121 Aimo RGB features all characteristics that may suit your needs and your budget.

We hope that the data above has given you some fundamental ideas about the best gaming keyboards. Our group is on 24/7 to assist you in finding the leading products, please contact us if you have any questions about the best gaming keyboards as well as related to the most excellent gaming workstations, the most gaming peripheral devices you want to purchase on Amazon, and we'll be here to help you find out the best one!

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