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Gaming has more interactive elements than movies and plays. In modern days, people now not only play games with friends but also broadcast their gameplay to the world. For that reason, you may need the best gaming microphones to share your thoughts and views to the wider audience while playing your games.

Buying Guides

Some people would seek the best headsets for hyper realistic audio. Similarly, others would hunt for the best gaming microphones to make sure their beautiful voice is heard. When I mentioned gaming microphones, I am not talking about attached mics on gaming headsets. Stand-alone microphones that make your voice crystal-clear and stand out are what I am talking about.

Here are some things you need to look out for when choosing the best gaming microphones:

1. Form factor

A mic will take up a certain space. So you need to make some room on your desk and choose the one that fits onto that space. You also need to make sure that it won’t get in the way of your gaming session. What works for you depends on how you set up your room and what you prefer. 

Standing microphones such as Snowball iCE are grounded and may help you avoid picking up desk vibration. Attachable microphones such as Antlion Audio ModMic Wireless or Samson Go allow for greater flexibility and portability. Plus, you can clip them to your clothes, headsets or even monitors and make more room for your keyboard or mouse.

2. Audio interface

You should consider audio interfaces when choosing a gaming microphone. Typically, there are two options:

  • Analog: Mics of this type can be plugged directly into the 3.5 mm jack on your pc. This option offers you great flexibility since you could use an audio processing gear to enhance sound quality. Most built-in mics on the headsets have this option.

  • USB: As the name implies, no extra gears needed, just plug them into the USB ports and you are good to go. These are the most popular choices for gamers and streamers alike. Some solid choices for this type include Audio-Technica AT2020USB+ and Beyerdynamic FOX.

3. Polar patterns

The polar pattern describes the sensitivity of a given microphone relative to the direction of the arriving sound. In other words, it refers to how well the microphones pick up sounds from different angles. These are the most common polar pattern:

  • Cardioid: Pick up sources of sounds that are in front of the mic.

  • Bidirectional: Capture sounds from the front and the back of the mic.

  • Omnidirectional: Capture sounds in a wide circular area. In other words, sounds in all directions around the mics are captured.

I strongly recommend the Blue Yeti X or Samson G-Track Pro as they feature various polar patterns settings which you can switch between them easily.

4. Accessories

Aside from sound quality and features, there are some extras you should get:

  • Pop filter: These eliminate popping sound or plosives which naturally occur in the recording process. Plus they also keep moisture off the mic, resulting in longer lifespan for your equipment. Aokeo Pop Filter is a no-brainer if that sounds like just what you need.

  • Arm stands: These extras will save your desk space and offer great adjustability. If you want more flexibility, this InnoGear Stand combo is just the right one for you.


1. Why should I get a gaming microphone?

Modern games often include the multiplayers feature; thus, voice chat is needed so that players can communicate and coordinate their plays with each other. However, most in-built mics on laptop or headsets tend to produce less than desirable output. For that reason, it is necessary to have a dedicated microphone to have the perfect synchronization between players.

High-quality sound is especially important for streamers. A good microphones can help a streamer express themselves clearly and grab their audience’s attention so as to gain more views as well as not to lose them.

2. How many types of microphones are there?

Generally, there are three categories of microphones:

  • Built in mics (mostly seen on laptops): These are not the most desirable ones as they tend to pick up background noises and have bad recording quality.

  • Integrated mics on headsets: The most popular type. Most gamers are seen using this kind of mic as they give adequate sound quality on a budget.

  • Stand-alone mics: The choice for the professionals. Not exclusively for gaming, these are also ideal for recording ASMR, starting a podcast or chatting.

3. My mic is not working, what should I do?

Before returning the mics or asking for help, there are handful of things you could try yourself:

  • Check the connection: Sometimes you just plug it in the wrong port or connector. Remember that most analog mics have their connections plugged into the pink connector. As for USB mics, you should try swapping to other USB ports. These can be located on the front or the back of your computer.

  • Check your drivers: Check your sound device’s manufacturer and visit their websites to download driver updates.

  • Check your mics setting: After the last two steps, you should open the sound configuration menu on your computer and check it. 

If the problem remains, you should consult the manual or you can contact us, we are available 24/7 and are more than willing to help you. 

4. How to clean my gaming microphones?

You can wipe them down thoroughly with isopropyl alcohol. You could also dry them out up to 72 hours in some places with U/V lighting or sunlight. Remember to unplug or remove any batteries from the microphones before cleaning. Another measure you can take is wrap them with a sealed bag to keep them from dust germs for the next use.

5. Will gaming microphones make my voice sound better?

Yes. Some may be better than others at capturing your voice. However, there are some other factors you need to consider to ensure the highest sound quality:

  • Mic positioning: Depending on your mic’s polar pattern, you need to aim your mic toward your mouth at the appropriate angle. Remember to place the mic at a reasonable distance from your mouth, not too close but also not too far.

  • Background noise: Some hypersensitive mics may pick up buzzes or hums easily. The simplest solution is shutting your windows and turning off any fans or electrical devices that make noises. Another option is to install noise-reducing foam panels to minimize the noises from inside and outside of your place.

  • Room acoustics: Sounds recorded in a small room with flat ceiling will be different to sounds recorded in a living room with vaulted ceiling. The former will have a bit of an echo as the mics pick up sounds that hit the wall and bounce back to the mic. Having a lot of objects in the room can help as any objects will absorb sound waves. You could add some padding or acoustic foams to your room to deal with this problem.

6. Are all gaming microphones compatible with consoles?

Yes, but how you connect them to your gaming consoles depend on your microphones’ audio interface. If your gaming microphones have 3.5 mm connections, you should plug them into the 3.5mm jack on the Dualshock or Xbox controllers. As for the USB microphones, you just plug them into the USB ports located on the console themselves.

Final Thoughts

Maybe you just want a decent mic to be able to coordinate with your in-game teammates or want to recode your gaming sessions. Whatever the case, gaming microphones would make your voice be heard and increase your streaming’s production value and gaming experience.

The best all-rounder is Blue Yeti X. This USB microphone features four pickup patterns for different situations. In addition, it also has high-res LED metering and smart knob to let you monitor and adjust your volume simultaneously. It also offers a noise reduction feature which you can toggle on or off at any time.

Another outstanding gaming microphones is HyperX Quadcast. The key feature of this one is its built-in shock mount. While it is inferior to the Blue Yeti X in terms of sound quality, this microphone makes it up for its ease of use and design.

I hope that reading this guide has helped clear up some questions you may have. Furthermore, we are more than willing to lend you a helping hand in choosing the best gaming microphones, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

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