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Today let’s talk about the most popular peripheral: the gaming mouse. Sure, any mouse is compatible with almost all computers and programs. You just plug it in or connect via Bluetooth and you’re good to go. However, gaming mice offer you just the precision you need to shoot that target or execute certain in-game actions. What’s more, they are very intuitive to use and nice to touch.

Honestly, it seems to be a daunting task to choose one among the vast amount of options available. But worry not! After reading this guide, you will have the necessary information and knowledge to know how to pick the best gaming mouse for yourself.

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Compared to controllers on a console, pc gaming mice allow you to perform pin-point accurate clicks. In order to achieve such feat, here are some things you need to take in account when buying the best gaming mouse:

1. Grip style

Grip style describes how people hold their mouse in a certain way. This factor determines how comfortable and precisely a person is when using their mouse. Some mice may cater to one grip type, while others are more appreciated to more than one. Anyhow, here are the three grip styles and their details:

  • Palm grip: This is the most popular and comfortable grip type. You rest your entire palm and fingers on the mouse. This relaxed style allows for greater gliding movement at the cost of slower arm movement. Bigger mice with an ergonomic design for fingers such as Razer DeathAdder or  Logitech G403 are ideal for this form.

  • Claw grip: Similar to the above style, but your fingers are in the claw shape while the back of the palm rests on the mouse. It offers an overall better speed and precision than the palm grip. The downside is that it could cause strain after some time. A mouse with a rounded back like Razer Viper Ultimate or Glorious Model O is suitable for this style.

  • Tip/Fingertip grip: The complete opposite of the first style. Only your fingertips are in contact with the mouse while the palm is off the mouse. This style provides the most precision control. Plus, you could easily lift off your mouse and make fast movement. However, this is the most tiring of the three. For that reason, you should go for lightweight, low-profile mice like Corsair KATAR or Razer Abyssus Essential Ambidextrous.

There’s no right way to hold the mouse, one grip type may be better suited to one game but not to the other. Just practice and try it to find out which one is the way for you.


DPI stands for “dots per linear inch”. It is a measure of how many pixels the cursor travels when you move the mouse. DPI may alternatively be referred to as CPI (counts per inch). Whatever the names, it measures one thing: mouse sensitivity.

So how high should you set your DPI? High DPI allows for greater character movement. If your on-screen avatar is moving around a lot and making turns, then it makes sense to raise DPI. However, high DPI makes it difficult to aim steadily and carefully since it lacks precision. A low DPI would be more beneficial for snipping and aiming. Every DPI is suitable for every different situation.

Thankfully, many mice now allow you to switch DPI on the fly. Mice such as Razer Naga Trinity have dedicated DPI buttons so that you can adjust your DPI in the middle of the battle effortlessly.

3. Sensors

It all boils down to two types of sensors: optical or laser. Optical and laser mice have one thing in common: they both use light at a reference point. The key difference between them is their illumination sources. To illuminate the surface, an optical mouse uses LED light while a laser mouse uses a laser beam.

As a result, their surface compatibility is also fundamentally distinct. An optical mouse could only be used on solid surfaces. Thus, you need a mousepad for an optical mouse to function optimally. If you are not moving around a lot, then an optical mouse like SteelSeries Rival 3 or Razer Naga Pro is the perfect choice.

On the other hand, utilizing laser beam, a laser mouse could be used on glossy surfaces, such as glass. The laser mouse is more sensitive than an optical one, sometimes, a little too much. Therefore, it’s easy to lose control over your mouse due to its over-sensitivity. Nevertheless, it’s nice to be able to bring a laser mouse like G.SKILL RIPJAWS MX780 everywhere and use it on any surface.

4. Polling Rate

Polling rate describes how often a mouse “talks” to a computer it is connected to. It is measured in Hz. You can choose a polling rate between 125-1,000 Hz. Higher polling rate means faster response time between your mouse and what’s happening on screen.

It is useful to have a high polling rate. However, the higher it is the more stress it puts on your pc. You see, the thing is the more frequent you mouse “talk” to your computer, the more resources it draws. However, this is not a big deal since most gaming pcs nowadays have high specs.

Generally, you should aim for the 500-1,000 Hz mark, and make sure that your CPU/Processor could handle such polling rate. You should check out Corsair M55. It features switchable polling rates between 125-1,000 Hz.


1. Should I choose a wired or wireless mouse?

In regard to this matter, it all comes down to preference. Let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of each option.

Comparison table




  • Faster response time

  • Are generally cheaper

  • More widely available

  • Wire and cable cluster

  • Not ideal for traveling


  • Portable

  • More versatile and convenient

  • user-friendly

  • Limited battery life

  • Input lag

  • Higher price

Before making your purchasing decision, you need to consider your needs and preferences. If you want a fast and reliable mouse, choose wired ones. If you want a portable and versatile mouse, go for the wireless option.

2. Are there any mouse setting tips?

The first thing you should do is open the Control Panel and change your mouse settings. In Windows 10, you just need to type in the search bar “mouse setting” then hit enter. You should see “additional mouse options”, click it, go to “Pointer Options” tab and then change the following things:

  • Pointer options: Take a look at the Motion section, there is a motion table. It is advisable to adjust the slider at 6th notch for 100% mouse accuracy.

  • Enhance Pointer Precision: Uncheck this. This is Microsoft’ term for mouse acceleration. If enabled, the distance your mouse travels is affected by how fast you move your mouse. It is not ideal for gaming due to its like-for-like movement nature. 

3. What about in-game settings?

Here are some tips to config in-game settings for FPS games:

  • Raw input: Always turn this on. This setting tells the games to take mouse input directly from the mouse rather than from the operating system. Instead of receiving data from the middleman – the operating system, it gets informant directly from the mouse itself. Therefore, any lag potential is eliminated.

  • Mouse acceleration: Always turn this off. As mentioned above, it’s bad for gaming. Mouse acceleration makes your aim inconsistent as you have to adjust your hand movement speed every time you move the mouse.

  • Lower in-game sensitivity and raise your mouse DPI: Each game has their own sensitivity values. Lower sensitivity allows for greater precision while higher DPI helps with turning speed.

4. Is it true that the higher DPI the better the mouse is?

No. The most common marketing ploy used by manufacturers is to advertise their mice with high DPI. However, since no one will set DPI to the max that high DPI counts are not that useful. A mouse with 1600 DPI capability is overkill for most games. It is recommended to keep your DPI at 1200 or lower to ensure the usability.

5. Will buying a gaming mouse help with my strain?

Using a gaming mouse befitting your grip style and hand size will provide comfort. However, remember to stay in correct posture: grip the mouse gently, rest your arm on a table, and keep your wrist straight. Take a fifteen minutes break every hour to stretch your fingers, wrists, and shoulders.

Final Thoughts

The best gaming mouse for most gamers is Razer DeathAdder v2. This fantastic model features Focus+ 20K DPI sensor and 8 programmable buttons. It’s comfortable for any hand sizes. All for a reasonable price! I see no reason why one wouldn’t get this one.

If you prefer comfort over everything else, then you can’t go wrong with Logitech MX Vertical. Featuring an ergonomic design, your hands won’t go strain even after a long gaming session. It also offers three connect options via wireless USB, Bluetooth, or USB C cable. The battery life on this is amazing, you get 3 hours of use just from a 1-minute charge.

If the monitor is a window for you to look into the virtual world, then the mouse and keyboard are your arms and feet. The mouse is more than just a hardware that you use to point and click at what’s on screen. Gaming mice allow the players to directly interact with objects in the simulated environment. It’s your virtual hand in a virtual world. After reading this guide, I hope you can find the best gaming mouse that helps you score headshots and earn the top spot.

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