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Investing in one of the best gaming TVs has never felt more urgent. While we don't have every detail surrounding the PS5 and Xbox Series X, what we can say for sure is that they're going to look better on a properly specified gaming TV than a first-gen HD flatscreen, with all of the visual enhancements that brings with it. 

Here we'll run you through the best gaming TVs available today, from one of the latest Samsung QLEDs to a bargain TCL TV – along with some arguments for upgrading from your current setup and what you should keep an eye out for your needs and preferences.

Buying Guides

If you want to possess the best value for money, these features below can help you decide one that is fit for your needs and your budget you are investing in:

1. Price range

The more you spend, the better the features.

TV prices have come way WAY down in the last 3-5 years, and right now, less than a grand will buy you a gorgeous, top-of-the-line, 42-inch, 4K smart TV loaded with almost every bell and whistle possible. Spend more, and you can bring home the same thing, but at 65 or 75-inches… and with every feature under the sun. (We’ll discuss features as we go.) More money also buys you deeper blacks, better contrast, and a broader, richer color spectrum. (Deeper blacks are huge. You want deeper blacks.) And most of all, more money will also get you a bigger screen, so let’s start there.

2. TV size

Once upon a time, the family sofa determined how big or small the TV should be. (As in: the further away the sofa, the bigger the TV.) But today’s TVs are rewriting all the rules, so that’s over. In fact, the one thing every serious review of current 4K TVs will tell you: bigger is better. Go too small, and you will regret it. That’s how amazing TVs are these days, not only with respect to pictures, but design as well.

We’ve gone from big, gaudy black boxes that take up space and clash with everything to incredibly thin, beautifully designed TVs that work with your room and range in size from 32-inch to 100-inch. (100” is a little over 8 feet — and an 8-foot wide 4K TV is, in a word, stupefying. Out-of-body. Front-row-seats-to-everything.)

For example, when turned off, Samsung’s Frame TV is indistinguishable from actual framed artwork. When on, it’s an awesome, full-featured 4K TV.  And LG’s Wallpaper TV is credit card-thin, hangs flush to the wall with magnets, and looks like something out of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The SAMSUNG TU8000  could be a perfect example.

3. TV resolution

Let’s get this out of the way first: 4K and Ultra HD are the same thing. (Why the two names,? Who knows, we missed that meeting.) Both refer to screen resolution, and the number of pixels on the screen. The more pixels, the better, sharper, and more lifelike the picture. Quick history: Back in the old days, TV resolution was awful, but it was all we had. Then HDTV came along, and TVs went from 307,200 pixels to 1 million pixels (720P), then to over 2 million pixels (1080P)  — and suddenly TV was perfect.

Then 5 years ago, 4K arrived and we went from over 2 million pixels to over 8 million pixels, and we all found out what perfect really looks like. (Yes, 8K made an appearance at CES this year, but let's not go there just yet.). 4K is quite literally four times better than old HD standards, and four times better isn’t a subtle improvement – it’s a holy mackerel, smack-in-the-face improvement, especially if it’s a good 4K TV. 

And though there’s not a ton of 4K content available yet (most is still on Blu-ray), content providers of all sorts are preparing to release almost everything in 4K… and your new 4K TV will be equipped to handle this exciting future. The TU8000 or  the Hisense 55H8G also offer great options with features.

Below is the list of top 3 best gaming TVs that can meet almost all requirements: 

TOP 3 best gaming TVs for 2020

1. Samsung TU8000

If you don't want to spend OLED or QLED prices, but still want a premium 4K TV for your gaming, the TU8000 series from Samsung is worth looking into. Samsung's panels are very good across their whole range, and these 2020 models have made big strides around viewing angles and the quality of upscaling non-4K pictures.

What we like about the TU8000 series models is the Real Game Enhancer feature, which drops the response time of the panel to a super-low 6.8ms. Combined with Freesync, this makes the panel superb for faster-paced shooters and games that require reflexes as well as a handsome display. Just be aware that the 49" version doesn't have a number of these features, including Real Game Enhancer, so make sure you stick to 55" or above for this set.

This is the 2020 model too, so you get a bunch of Samsung's 'nice to have' features, like a universal remote (with built-in voice control - although this is very, very inconsistent), cable management around the back of the TV, and the Universal Guide with a whole bunch of streaming services already built in. It's a nice all-rounder. While the rest of Samsung's standard 4K TV range is cheaper, the TU8000 series is best for gaming, so it's worth spending a little extra on. 

2. Hisense 55H8G

Price is often a huge factor in deciding on a gaming TV. For PC gamers on a budget, trying to find a TV that can do 4K and HDR can be a bit of a daunting task. Hisense has been making pretty decent budget 4K TVs for a while at under $1,000. The Hisense 55H8G makes it on our list because it provides excellent color and contrast. It can do 4K at 60Hz (240Hz at lower resolutions) and supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision HDR right out of the box. More importantly, this TV retails for $500, which is a great price. If 55 inches is still too small for your tastes, Hisense also makes a 75-inch version of the H8G Smart TV in all of its Quantum Dot glory. 

3. TCL 55R617 55" Roku TV

If you're looking to buy a 55" TV on a budget, look no further than the TCL 6-series. This is 2018's model, but that means you can often find it on sale but, quite frankly, it's a bargain at full price. While the earlier TCL models suffered from poor build quality, and several screen flaws, the 6-series solved these issues to deliver an ace Roku-powered TV.

What's more, it makes a great gaming TV too. While it doesn't have the low, low response rate of $1000+ panels, it manages between 6ms-12ms, which is above average for TVs of this size and price. What's more, it has full-array local dimming, which means the contrast ratios are good (the blacks, especially, are nice and deep). Where the TCL suffers is in the colour range, which is merely average for 4K TVs of this budget. While it has decent HDR, that can't quite mask the lower vibrancy of images, although (to be honest) you're unlikely to notice much of a difference unless you're playing the most colourful of games.

At 55", it's less noticeable too, although if you're looking to go 65" you need to work out if you're ok getting a TV that does blacks and dark tones better than colours and light tones. For the price, however, it's very tough to fault the TCL 617. It even comes with voice control if you're into that sort of thing.


1. Is a 4k TV good for gaming?

A good many 4K TVs are also strong options when it comes to gaming. Beyond the incredibly sharp images that are the hallmark feature of 4K TVs, many support faster refresh rates, have low-latency game modes, and can deliver stunning imagery through their HDR modes.

2. Is 60hz good for gaming?

No, you don't need a 144 Hz monitor for gaming. 60 Hz is just fine for gaming. ... On a 144 hertz monitor, the screen refreshes 144 times per second, meaning it is able to display up to 144 FPS. For gaming 144hz monitor is better than a 60 hz monitor.

3. What size TV do pro gamers use?

One of the main reasons why most pro gamers play with 24-inch monitors is simply because the 24-inch 1080p monitor is the standard size used in tournament play for many games. These monitors are standardized across all players.

4. Is a monitor better than a TV for gaming?

Monitors have lower input lag, faster response times, and higher refresh rates than TVs. They are more responsive and allow you to enjoy competitive console gaming. ... TVs, on the other hand, are usually larger in size and more affordable and are more suitable for gaming in large spaces.

 5. How long does the guarantee last?

Every single brand will have their own guarantee policies for their users. If you are interested in any items, please double-check thoroughly not only about the specs but also the way to deal with any issues with your products.

Final Thoughts

If you have a liking for owning the best gaming TVs to experience the best feeling whilst gaming and you even don't care about the invested budget, While the rest of Samsung's standard 4K TV range is cheaper, the SAMSUNG TU8000 series is best for gaming, so it's worth spending a little extra on. Therefore, it could be the best ideal option with plenty of powerful and impressive specs. This TU8000 will make your games more interesting and deliver incredible results!

TCL 55R617 55" Roku TV could be the perfect option for users who want an affordable item. It also possesses the suitable specs that can give gamers the pleasant feeling. 

We hope that the data above has given you some fundamental ideas about the best console gaming monitors. 

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