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In the previous article, we mentioned the best SSD for Gaming PC. So, what about the best HDD for Gaming PC, is it real? Usually for gaming computers, gamers often use SSDs for faster operations, fast booting, and fast game loading. Depending on your needs, whether you need memory to store large data files or not, users can choose to use their own SSD, separate HDD or use both SSD and HDD in parallel.

If you already have an SSD for high speed, many gamers will need to expand their storage space. At this point, the HDD shines again. They give you a lot of storage space but are much more affordable than SSDs. Ok, now let’s find out the best HDD for Gaming PC in 2020.

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Actually, as we mentioned before, SSD is more suitable for gaming pc, but if because of your budget or you want to buy HDD for storage or gaming purposes it is still possible.  

The strong point of the HDD series is the storage device, so storage capacity is of course an important indicator. Usually Windows and some simple software take up about 30GB, so with a 120GB hard drive, you will have 90GB, enough to install the current popular online games such as League of Legends, DOTA 2, CS: GO, but you must choose choose between PUBG or Apex because free space is not enough for both 2.

With a 240GB drive, you can comfortably install all of the above titles and add another Offline game like GTA V or Tomb Raider,... depending friend. With 500GB, you can freely install a lot of games and software without worry.

And now, there will be the top 5 best HDD for Gaming PC today:

1. Western Digital 2TB WD Black - fast speed and endurance

This is a line of high-performance HDDs introduced by WD aimed at gamers. For $99.84 - Western Digital 2TB WD Black delivers fast speeds, stable performance, and durable operability. This line is equipped with up to 2 processor chips to provide the highest performance for users. Black is the HDD series with the highest read / write speed among WD HDDs.

2. Seagate BarraCuda 2TB Internal Hard Drive HDD - bestselling today

Seagate BarraCuda is a high-speed, large-capacity, affordable HDD that is very suitable for gamers who play heavy blockbuster games. With many advantages like:

  • Low cost: With the price of $ 54.99 for the 2TB version, this is one of the cheapest HDD models today.

  • Fast Performance: The maximum data transfer speed of this HDD series can be up to 210MB / s, helping you to transfer your files quickly.

  • MTC Technology: MTC (Multi-tier Caching) is Seagate's exclusive technology to help improve the performance of the HDD.

  • Diverse storage capacity: With capacities from 1TB to 14TB, this HDD series can serve a wide range of users, especially gamers who host many heavy blockbuster games.

Seagate BarraCuda 2TB $54,99 has a very soft price compared to the amount of capacity it can give you. Its fast forward speed is also high compared to the general ground, reaching 7200 RPM, so it will give a pretty good access speed, fast loading game, suitable for you to buy and save the game.

And with 1TB $47,49 and 12TB $215,91 version - surely this will be one of the most worth buying HDD lines & the best HDD for gaming PC at now.

3. Seagate FireCuda SSHD hybrid hard drive - a comprehensive combination of SSD and HDD

Seagate FireCuda is a high-end hybrid hard drive with a high cost, offering the speed advantage of SSDs and the capacity advantage of HDDs, suitable for tasks like gaming, graphics or image editing, video.

The Seagate FireCuda 1TB Solid State Hybrid Drive Performance SSHD $57,99 strengths include:

  • Diverse storage capacity: With the advantage of the capacity of traditional HDDs, this hybrid hard drive has a capacity of up to 2TB, enough to serve needs such as storing pictures, videos or even blockbuster games.

  • Fast processing speed: With the advantage of speed of SSD, this series of hard drives have read and write speeds of 251-129MB / s respectively, much faster than traditional HDDs.

  • Durable operation: With 5400 rpm speed and SSD's memory chip, this series of drives is very durable but still ensures performance compared to traditional HDDs on the market.

And if you have plenty of money, you can think about buying the 8TB version for $154.99. So, in case you want both high capacity and high speed, a hybrid hard drive is a good choice. It may not be the fastest, nor the cheapest, but it certainly has more capacity than SSD and higher speed than HDD but still in the middle price range.

4. Toshiba X300 - Large capacity, high speed

If you are looking for a line of hard drives that both have high capacity and great access speed then you should at least check this line. With capacities between 4 and 8 TB, you'll have plenty of space to store your information.

Toshiba X300 6TB $154,99 also has a fairly high rotation speed, reaching 7200 RPM for good performance. Therefore, it is very suitable for tasks that require large amounts of content but still have to ensure high performance.

The Toshiba X300 is the HDD line aimed at durability, speed, capacity, and is very suitable for tasks such as playing games or editing images and videos. With a sturdy casing design that minimizes scratches on the burning disc, ensures the longevity of the drive.

Toshiba X300 owns 7200 rpm speed and cache memory up to 512MB, this HDD series gives you high levels of performance for all day long. And of course its high storage capacity, with capacities from 1TB to 16TB and good performance, these are HDDs that are great for gaming, photo editing, and video editing. With anti-vibration technology, this HDD series can operate at fast, durable and less errors during data reading and writing.

And especially the Toshiba X300 is equipped with a shock sensor to minimize data loss for moving jobs.

5. WD VelociRaptor - Super speed with heatsink

WD Velociraptor WD1000DHTZ 1TB aimed at office PCs and work servers, but is also favored by gamers for its high performance. This $ 155 “monster”works super fast: at 10,000 rpm, it's the fastest HDD on the market today, delivering a high level of performance. Thanks to advanced technologies, heavy tasks such as gaming, graphics making, and video editing will work very smoothly. The 1TB capacity of this HDD is sufficient for storing images, videos or even heavy blockbuster games.

In general, this is the most metamorphic HDD that you can find in this list. If it comes to gaming, the faster the better, and if you want as fast as possible then just choose it.

WD VelociRaptor speeds up to 10000 RPM for the top speed of an HDD. Because of that terrible rotation speed, this hard drive must be equipped with a lot of heatsink.

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1. How does the HDD hard drive affect the gameplay?

When running a heavy game on a PC, the FPS (frame rate per second) is the most important factor that you need to pay attention to the most. To improve FPS, the new GPU is the thing to pay attention to, not storage.

But on some current open world titles like GTA V, Battleground or Assassin's Creed when running on conventional hard drives or hitching happens, that's when the hard drive is not fast enough to bring the talent. The raw material of the game is promptly displayed according to the player's movement, making the scene appear slowly, affecting the gaming experience.

If using HDD, the capacity as well as price are not a big issue because most of the current hard drives are sold at very soft prices with a huge capacity from 1TB to 10TB which is very suitable for games. Today's super-heavy cult has most installed capacities from 20 to 80GB. If for gamers who demand more than perfect, the SSD is the optimal choice.

2. Which HDD is the most popular right now, for both storage and gaming purposes?

Definitely WD Blue Desktop $44,95 - can be considered as the national hard drive line among gamers with large capacity but low price. At 7200 rpm, this is a speed that is completely enough to satisfy the needs of the majority of users. And it possesses the highest capacity up to 1TB, this hard drive line can serve the audience from gamers to professional designers. Especially with the Acronis True Image WD Edition data backup application, when upgrading to a new HDD, you will not have to worry about having to reinstall Windows or have to download applications and files again.

WD Blue will be the great storage solution for all entry-level systems. It's durable enough for you to trust and the price is soft enough for you to store tons of stuff for just the right amount.

3. Should I choose an internal or external HDD?

This should depend on what your computer is for. If your laptop computer should use an internal socket, and for the desktop you should choose an external outlet ... Usually, each computer has a physical drive inside to install the operating system and programs. . If your computer already has a built-in drive, but you need to expand its storage capacity and also need speed to process and copy data, then choose the type of internal drive.

But many customers, when using a computer on the move a lot, should choose an external hard drive. Using an external hard drive has the advantage that you can easily move and backup data to another computer, or TV to transfer files ...

4. If the HDD isn't better than the SSD in terms of gaming then why should I buy it?

Despite the speed limit, HDD manufacturers have achieved other achievements, constantly breaking their maximum capacity records. If 4 years ago, owning a 500GB HDD, you had redundant storage space, nowadays, the 3.5 "type has a maximum capacity of up to 3TB, and a 2.5" hard drive for laptops. 1.5TB available.

Therefore, there are many reasons why we are short of storage, especially for those who play HD movies, love lossless music or love photography. Therefore, upgrading HDD with larger capacity is one of the solutions to solve this situation. And of course the HDD can also partially satisfy the quality of the game, not necessarily too much inferior to the SSD.

5. Are there any HDD that are truly optimal for my NAS system?

Luckily is yes, we present to you the Seagate IronWolf 4TB $106,51 was born for NAS systems. This will be one of the hard drives that you should aim for if you want to build a NAS system for yourself or for a company. It has huge capacities, from 6 to 12 TB. It also has good performance with 7200 RPM speed and endurance 24-7.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Western Digital 2TB WD Black is the best HDD for Gaming PC until now. But if you need a high capacity & high speed HDD then Toshiba X300 6TB will be the right choice. And don’t forget Seagate FireCuda 1TB Solid State Hybrid Drive Performance SSHD - the metamorphic "beast" has an HDD body but possesses the spirit of the SSD.

Finally in the scope of this article, we have found the top 5 best HDD for gaming. We hope that this information will be really useful and help you choose to buy a HDD that suits your gaming needs!

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