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Choosing to buy a complicated technology device like a Laptop is never an easy task, especially for students or those who do not have a large budget, the more they will have to consider each specific aspect to find yourself a Laptop that suits the best cost.

This article will outline the best laptops under $500 with different criteria, as a source of information for you to refer to before choosing to buy yourself a suitable laptop.

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What do we expect from a laptop under $500?

  • Form factor

The design of today's laptops has become so versatile that it can be almost impossible to categorize them clearly. Laptops, Chromebooks, Netbooks, and 2-in-1s on the market today are convertible into tablets. Clamshell-style flip laptops can be considered standard, while Chromebooks are typically slightly smaller and run only Chrome OS and cloud-based apps. A netbook is even more portable, while 2-in-1s are laptop-tablet hybrids.

If you're looking for a device to best serve your work in every respect, a standard laptop will be the best fit. However, if you are a student, you need to move a lot between classes and take a lot of notes, a device with a detachable screen plus a stylus will be very convenient and suitable for you.

  • Operating System

Some people are simply fans of Apple, they accept to spend a lot of money on Mac devices because they simply love to use MacOS. And if you are a normal user, Windows will be the most reasonable choice, both helping to save money while ensuring good support for your work. Moreover, some great support features for business users will give Windows a complete advantage over MacOS when handling work tasks.

  • Screen quality

Whether you watch a movie or just work in Excel, a high-quality screen makes a significant difference. The more pixels there are, the clearer the content will be displayed. Many low-cost devices will usually only come with screens at a standard 1366 x 768 resolution, but if you can afford it, it's a good idea to buy one with a resolution of at least 1920 x 1080 (a.k.a Full HD).

So with a budget under $500, which laptop should you buy is the best?

1. Best overall - ASUS Chromebook C202 Laptop

A full-fledged laptop like this ASUS Chromebook is sure to make the most demanding folks admit it is a worthy buy in its price segment. ASUS Chromebook C202SA-YS02 features an Intel Celeron N3060 processor with 2M cache, up to 2.48GHz, plus 16GB of flash memory. In addition, when you buy any ASUS Chromebook, you will get 100GB of free storage on Google Drive within the first two years.

Regarding other basic hardware parameters, this laptop has an 11.6-inch, 1,366 x 768 anti-glare screen, capable of tilting 180 degrees to be able to view the content at any angle. One thing special is that the ASUS Chromebook C202SA-YS02 is equipped with rubber pads as thick as 3 mm reinforced around the edges of the device, allowing it to pass drop tests at up to 1.2 meters without any effect. 

Moreover, this device also has ASUS integrated a waterproof keyboard, can withstand about a quarter of a cup of water poured directly into the keyboard. The $429.99 ASUS Chromebook C202SA-YS02's durable and modular design makes it easy to upgrade and customize during repair or to serve a variety of situations, it's also a feature well worth the money of the device.

As a Chromebook, the configuration of the C202SA-YS02 Laptop is really not as powerful as the other products on this list, but is enough for basic tasks in study, work and daily entertainment. , in other words, this device puts a heavy emphasis on mobility and convenience, not configuration.

2. Best for Students: Lenovo IdeaPad 320 15.6

As usual, Lenovo offers consumers a great laptop for a very decent price for everyday tasks, the $409.99 Lenovo ideapad 320. In particular, the new generation Intel processor along with the 15.6-inch high-definition anti-glare screen are the most prominent factors.

Specifically, this laptop is equipped with an Intel Core i3 7130U dual-core processor with 4GB of RAM and a hard drive up to 1TB. It also comes with a DVD drive (which is often omitted in modern laptops), a 4-in-1 memory card reader for easy file transfers, as well as Bluetooth 4.1 and USB 3.0 port. Lenovo ideapad 320 also promises a stable Internet connection with the latest 802.11ac wireless standard.

From those above factors, it can be confirmed that Lenovo's target customers for this product are students with basic use needs who are looking to buy a device that does not exceed. It is ostentatious but durable and gives stable use over a long period of time.

3. Powerful configuration, beautiful from every angle: ASUS F512JA-AS34 VivoBook 15 Thin and Light Laptop

There’s absolutely no doubt about it. The Asus VivoBook 15 is among the best budget laptops we’ve reviewed. The trend among notebooks in recent years has been moving towards the premise of less is more, with ultraportables getting insanely smaller, thinner and lighter. And the VivoBook 15 F512JA-AS34 $466 from Asus takes that direction at a very reasonable price.

In addition to the good design, it also satisfies a few other needs, like a cool big screen to play with, for instance. Whether you need some for working from home or a laptop for number-crunching spreadsheets at the office, or just watching Money Heist or The Witcher on Netflix, the Asus VivoBook 15 is a great partner with its large, bright 15.6-inch display.

Combine that with a fairly slim design that we can say is quite portable and solid 10th Gen processor performance, and you have an ace in your hand without having to spend too much.

4. Best 2-in-1 laptop in price range - Microsoft Surface Go 2

Surface Go 2 is the successor version of Surface Go which has been famous in "2-in-1 laptop kingdom", is known as the outstanding laptop of Microsoft house.

At under $500 (excluding accessories), some argue that the Surface Go 2 $399 is low priced so it probably won't have many features. However, if you take the time to experience the Surface Go 2, you will find that is a hasty judgment. owns the features of the higher-end Surface Pro 7 version. Besides, the Surface Go 2 is a detachable 2-in-1 device that can work stably in both tablet and laptop modes. If you want to experience the full range of features of the Surface Go 2, you should own the Type Cover keyboard and Surface Pen. Type Cover and Surface Pen will make your Surface Go 2 more flexible and versatile.

In addition, this 2-in-1 device also owns a sharp, bright screen, giving users a sense of satisfaction when using it and is rated as the best screen laptop in its price range.

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1. Which operating system is best for the laptop I should choose?

  • Windows: This is the most popular operating system available on the computer today, especially good for gamers. Of course, it is perfectly suited for everyday tasks such as typing, watching videos, studying ... However, you will need an anti-virus software because Windows is always a lucrative prey for malware.

  • MacOS: The operating system is simple, clean, and easy to get used to even for new users. Suitable for those who love stability, artists, programmers ... This is a good choice if you own an iPhone, iPad. Note, macOS is not a good platform for gaming, especially the price of the product is also higher than Windows laptops.

  • Chrome OS: Suitable for those who love simplicity, because most of the work is done on the web. Compared to Windows, Chrome OS works extremely well on low-cost computers.

2. I like the Microsoft Surface but dislike both the Go 2 and Go 7 series in the article, are there any other options?

Then this Surface Go 10 inches will be the best for your needs. With $499,99 The 10-inch PixelSense touch screen on this device is ideal for tasks like reading, writing, and gaming. With a screen resolution of 1800 x 1200, you can rest assured that text as well as images will be displayed crisp and clear. Another thing to keep in mind is that the device will also come pre-installed with Windows 10 license (with S mode enabled), so the Surface Go will have complete access to the Microsoft app market to download products. thousands of different applications. For business users, Microsoft's Office suite will also be helpful because of its excellent performance.

With a weight of just 0.52kg, Surface Go is one of the most portable laptops on the market. The Surface Go's compact size doesn't mean its battery life will be affected. The battery on the Surface Go is capable of providing up to nine hours of continuous use daily with basic tasks. Surface Go uses Intel Pentium Gold 4415Y processor. This is Intel's 7th generation dual-core processor and selected by Microsoft to balance performance, battery life and good heat dissipation for a slim, fanless design.

This configuration is equivalent to many mid-range Chromebooks, but instead of running Chrome OS, the Surface Go has Windows installed, which is a huge advantage.

3. I work in an office environment, should I choose a Laptop under $500?

Then Lenovo IdeaPad S340 $385 was meant for you. Lenovo IdeaPad S340 laptop with compact design makes it easy for users to carry around anytime, anywhere. It is true that the laptop for office workers, Lenovo IdeaPad S340 integrates technology that allows opening the screen up to 180 degrees to support the owner comfortably working in any position.

This computer owns a 15.6 inch screen designed almost borderless, Full HD resolution to bring sharp and realistic picture quality. Not only that, Lenovo IdeaPad also has anti-glare technology Anti-Glare to reduce glare when in use.

When looking at the Lenovo Ideapad S340, you will be fascinated by the keyboard that is designed with classic black color outstanding against the gray background. The keys are big, clear, with a scientifically arranged space. In particular, the machine has a built-in numeric keypad in the right corner, making data entry easy and quick.

4. In the range under $500, what criteria are important when choosing to buy a laptop for office people?

  • Configuration: Perhaps the familiar and occupy most of the work will do text editing on the computer's office features such as word, exel or powerpoint, accounting software, analysis and data entry, ... then you should choose a model with only a normal configuration. Affordable and all of the above features will be integrated in a laptop with a core i3 processor, a processing speed of about 1.8 to 2.4 GHz. Note choosing a laptop with 4GB RAM so that when using the machine smoother, even if you open many pages or programs at the same time, it still works stably without crashing.

  • Screen and keyboard: Office workers often work around letters and numbers, so give priority to a laptop with a spacious keyboard design, bouncing keystrokes, support for extra numeric keys for convenience. benefit in the job implementation process. The wide keyboard goes hand in hand with the wide screen so choose high resolution up to 1080P for the sharpest reflection.

  • Battery capacity: Office workers work at the office continuously for 8 hours, so you always ask for your laptop to have a large battery capacity for the least use time. It is about 9 hours.

  • Security capabilities: High data security is what business employees value and very important to them. Currently, laptop brands have brought high security solutions such as fingerprint capabilities, hardware encryption, data encryption, ...

5. You can let me out of the price range of $ 500, which laptop should buy at about $600, $700 or more?

The laptop models under $500 can meet the most basic work and entertainment needs. But if you have a more budget, you can choose for yourself a better quality computer, longer battery life, good display and more powerful performance.

  • $400 - $600: Under $600, you can choose an Intel Core i5 or AMD A8 CPU, 4 to 8GB of RAM, and a 500GB hard drive, which is very respectable numbers.

  • $600 - $800: When you have over $600, you can target yourself with pretty high-end models like metal cases, and many other attractive features like better sound and backlit keyboard. You can also have flash cache and a screen with a resolution of 1,600x900 or higher.

  • Over $800: At this price, you will have a powerful laptop with a high-resolution screen, a faster, more powerful processor and a discrete graphics card. 

Light, long-lasting models like the MacBook Air and Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon, will cost you more than $1,000. And the laptops for high-end gamers usually cost up to $1,500, even up to $2,500 - $3,000...

Final Thoughts

The above article has provided you with an overview of best laptops under $500, we think in the price below $500 then the ASUS Chromebook C202SA-YS02 and the VivoBook 15 F512JA-AS34 will be the best suitable for your needs. Actually, it is very difficult to buy a bad laptop these days, so at the price of around $500 you can already own a pretty good laptop.

The important thing is how you use and keep them in the right way, until you have the extra budget to buy more expensive and better products. Of course, you'll get what you pay for.

As a tech-enthusiast and a genuine gamer, she always strives to provide readers with the objective information from her experience. Tracy graduated in computer science and has been working with computers for more than 10 years. Besides, it's also known that she is a professional marketer. Tracy has appeared in many popular game magazines and newspapers. With her efforts and experiences, Tracy hopes to bring many objective reviews for gamers.
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