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Best Mining Motherboards of August 2022

With Artificial Intelligent, Big Data, and detailed reviews from the evaluation of 11,281 customers, JustGage experts have come up with 23 best products for Best Mining Motherboards. Let's take a look at the top brands loved by consumers: ASPIRING, ASUS, tesyyke, MSI, ASRock, Gigabyte, ZOTAC, Wintue, HUAXUCHENG, Sailsbury, Biostar, Li Bai.

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As one of the completely new ways to invest in business, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are helping many people profit thousands of US dollars in a short period of time. However, it must be said that this is one of the main methods of investment through the software on the main computer, so owning a good mining system is really a prerequisite. One of the important factors that you need to take care of is the best mining motherboards.

For those who have just started investing in crypto mining, it is important to really understand the investment method and prepare yourself for a good access device. A main set suitable for the needs to carry specific jobs such as mining bitcoin is something that you must definitely care about. So let's find out the best crypto mining motherboards today.

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Bitcoin is widely regarded as the first modern cryptocurrency. Bitcoin mining is a term used to describe the processing and confirmation of payments on the bitcoin network system. That helps information about transactions to be validated and stored on the blockchain system.

Anyone can participate in bitcoin mining by running an application on a computer. In addition to working on traditional computers, a number of companies have designed hardware specifically for bitcoin mining, which makes it faster and more efficient to process new transactions and create new blocks than conventional computers. . To be able to validate transactions and be attached to the blockchain, these devices must solve special cryptographic problems.

In the bitcoin network, each miner has to compete with other miners to be the first to solve the system's problem. Miners will be rewarded with an amount of bitcoins corresponding to the transaction fees they process and also receive an additional share for each bitcoin block mined.

Because the reward per block of bitcoins mined is too high, the competition among the miners becomes fiercer. The constant competition of miners increases the strength of the bitcoin network. Along with that fierce competition, the hardware system had to evolve according to the computing power of the bitcoin system. The miners had to choose for themselves the graphics GPU, and more importantly a CPU - the best mining motherboard for their work.

Here, will be the best mining motherboards we present to you:

1. ASUS B250 MINING EXPERT - The name says it all

After rivals AsRock and Biostar released a special motherboard that supports a large number of graphics cards to mine bitcoin, Asus also entered this market with B250 Mining Expert motherboards for only about $130.

ASUS B250 Mining Expert is the world's first cryptocurrency mining motherboard with 19 PCI Express® (PCIe®) slots. With 18 PCIe x1 slots and one PCIe x16 slot, plus three partitioned ATX12V power connectors, B250 Mining Expert lets you run up to 19 * of NVIDIA or AMD GPUs in parallel to maximize your megahash speed!

At the present time, B250 Mining Expert can only support 16 graphics cards running concurrently (8 AMD cards and 8 Nvidia cards). However, Asus plans to update the drivers for future motherboards to raise children. This number is 19 cards. However, this is still the motherboard that surpasses all competitors in the ability to handle a large number of graphics cards to support bitcoin mining.

This process of using multiple video cards on this motherboard requires users to set up a PCI-e 3.0 x16 router that connects to each video card and each specific slot. This allows the system to send and receive basic computational data during mining without taking up much card slot space, allowing users to invest in a bitcoin mining system as low as possible.

B250 Mining Expert prides itself on unrivaled cost effectiveness. The ability to run up to 19 GPUs on a single board eliminates the costly investment in additional GPUs, memory and drives that might be needed to deliver comparable mining resources using the board Competitor's motherboards - costs less but exploits more.

2. MSI Crypto Mining ATX Motherboard H310-F PRO - Optimized capacity 24/7

No longer standing outside the electronic money game, MSI launched a series of best motherboards to support the purpose of "money mining". The specially designed MSI H310-F PRO, along with a series of exclusive MSI features, now running 13 graphics cards with the MSI H310-F PRO at the same time is completely within reach.

MSI H310F Pro motherboards support up to 5 power connectors to power your motherboard and GPU. With MSI exclusive adapters, you can mix easily with all your power supplies and start up your bitcoin mining rig in no time.

MSI H310-F PRO motherboards are specially designed for mining use, supporting an astonishing 13 GPUs, 2 dedicated molex and up to five 24-pin power connectors. Provide you with the easiest and most convenient solution for you to exploit. MSI Mining motherboards support diskless booting. With a diskless boot environment, miners don't need to maintain the operating system for each miner and save money from hard drives. Furthermore, it's the best secure way to store your cryptocurrencies.

Staying stable is the most important part of your 24/7 mining rig, MSI H 310-F PRO motherboards come equipped with 2 dedicated 4-pin power connectors to give you clean and efficient power. for each PCIE slot. These additional power supplies maintain the reliability of your GPU and maximize your megahash speed.

In particular, the MSI H310-F Pro is very suitable for 24/7 bitcoin miners because it is equipped with dedicated capacitors for each PCI-E slot, providing a more stable and smooth voltage for the GPU of the friend. The mining motherboard will ensure 24/7 mining performance and a longer lifespan for your cryptocurrency mining.

3. BIOSTAR TB250-BTC is intended for professional BitCoin mining systems

BIOSTAR is proud to announce the launch of its newest B250 motherboard and will join the same generation with the introduction of the BIOSTAR TB250-BTC motherboard designed for Bitcoin density mining operations.

New BIOSTAR TB250-BTC motherboards with powerful features provided by the new Intel 200 series chipset as well as the latest 7th generation Intel processor series with improved efficiency.

BIOSTAR TB250-BTC motherboard is designed for the newest, most stable, and durable for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining operations. Mining virtual currency Bitcoin as well as other virtual currencies requires the system to operate for a long time with high intensity which can easily be weakened by motherboards. With BIOSTAR TB250-BTC, improving this degradation and minimizing maintenance costs gives you better benefits for improved ROI. BIOSTAR achieves these by utilizing its expertise in developing components that are stable for this application in high intensity.

The new BIOSTAR TB250-BTC motherboards will support the latest socket LGA1151 processors and also support DDR4 RAM up to 2400MHz and up to 32GB of total memory capacity. This motherboard with high-speed Gigabit Ethernet LAN solution for faster usage, built-in M.2 connectivity to support high-speed storage solutions allows you to minimize cable usage and save more than for graphics cards.

4. GIGABYTE GA-H110-D3A, a companion of Cryptocurrency Mining

Durable over time with support for unique features, Gigabyte H110-D3A Mainboard from Gigabyte promises to bring great experience for users, especially for bitcoin miners.

The processing speed and data retrieval of Gigabyte H110-D3A is greatly improved with memory speed up to 3200MHz. More specifically, with support for DDR4 RAM, not only will you get faster speeds, but it also saves significant energy compared to the previous DDR3, contributing to great work efficiency.

Low MOSFET design (on) compared to traditional MOSFET design. This necessary equipment significantly reduces energy wastage through unnecessary excess heat dissipation. Thereby, you can save energy concretely, bringing benefits to both the end-user and the surrounding environment without affecting the performance of the system.

The Gigabyte H110-D3A motherboard has an upgraded system guard bar, thereby providing enhanced electrostatic (ESD) protection for both your Ethernet LAN and USB ports - both popular sources related to the ESD error. With the pairing of dedicated protection filters, Ethernet LAN and USB ports can withstand high electrostatic discharges, protecting your system from common electrical failures and even those that direct lightning incidents. And as such, the mining of bitcoins will not be interrupted.

5. ASRock H110 Pro BTC + 13GPU Mining Motherboard Cryptocurrency

ASRock is a company that is always at the forefront of new technology. As a pioneer and the most experienced company in the production of motherboards for cryptocurrency mining, ASRock has always been a brand of choice for the coiner in the world. Crypto mining fever has spread all over the world, leading to a shortage of VGA and motherboards for mining systems.

Also after many successes from previous main lines plowing virtual money like in the haswell era, there must be H81 PRO BTC. ASRock pushed their research team to work hard to create an even more complete product for the coiner. That is the premise for the birth of a perfect weapon introduced in today's article: ASRock H110 Pro BTC +. It is an ideal product and pioneering in the world with support for 13 GPUs on one motherboard, comes with many coiner-friendly features and support for both NVIDIA and AMD VGA cards.

The ASRock H110 Pro BTC + is perfect compared to its predecessors, as it comes with many important features such as an onboard Power / Reset button that is required for coinerers when setting up the system. Not to mention, it also features Intel Gigabit Lan for best performance and increased stability. The circuit composition of the voltage regulator to power the CPU is also very important when the product must run 24/7, so ASRock H110 Pro BTC + applies the 8-phase power design for the CPU Vcore to maintain the system's stability.

To ensure the best performance, ASRock H110 Pro BTC + is fully compatible with the operating systems used for professional virtual currency mining. ASRock has secretly partnered with one of the best Linux-based mining systems ethOS, and it can mine Ethereum, Zcash, Monero as well as other GPUs obtainable virtual currencies from all. 13 AMD graphics cards, a huge advantage over competitors, can only run 8 or less AMD graphics cards on Win10.

For the best mining of virtual money on ASRock H110 Pro BTC +, users need:

  • ASRock H110 Pro BTC + motherboard

  • Total power supply up to 2400W

  • Adapter for Dual sources (Optional)

  • Riser PCIe * 135.13 VGA AMD / or 8 VGA AMD


  • Dedicated bracket for 13 VGA installation

  • The SSD drive starts up

  • Minimum of 4GB RAM (8GB recommended)

6. GIGABYTE GA-B250-FinTech - Last but not least

GIGABYTE B250-FinTech is equipped with 12 separate PCIe slots giving miners the chance to mine bitcoin with up to 12 GPUs at once for maximum performance. In addition, it comes with two 12V AUX 12V power connectors ensuring your system will always have the necessary power supply.

Not only does it offer twice as much GPU support than standard motherboards, but it also saves you money, delivering similar mining performance without paying extra for additional add-on setup.

GIGABYTE's Fine-tuned BIOS Mining Mode: This GIGABYTE exclusive mode elevates your crypto mining efficiency to unprecedented levels. Just select BIOS Mining Mode and it will automatically update settings to maximize stability and compatibility with multi-graphics profiles, making mining so much easier and more efficient. time is over.

And finally, with Smart Fan 5 users can ensure that their PC can maintain its performance at cool temperatures. Smart 5 allows us to reflect different thermal sensors at different positions on the motherboard.

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1. Is CPU mining still profitable in 2021?

No. You need an ASIC or a GPU mining rig. CPU mining rigs are too expensive and less powerful than ASIC or GPU mining rigs.

2. Should I choose an ASIC machine or a GPU mining system to mine cryptocurrency?

  • ASIC machines: These suit for only mining a specific coin, with no switching, no upgrading. When you stop mining, you might recycle them only.

  • GPU mining systems: GPU rigs can mine different coins, and also do general computing activities. When those are no longer used for mining, they can be used for gaming or computing tasks.

3. Besides choosing a good mining motherboard, in general, how should I build the computer configuration?

Basically, for the best optimization, you should build a suitable computer for mining as follows:

  • Main of the mining computer: You choose the main series that supports more than 6 typical PCI slots such as the main Biostar TB 250, Biostar TB 85, ​​or Z270... the main lines support up to 6 GPU slots. If anyone is interested in technology, know that there is a new main line up to support 13 VGA which is specialized for mining, processing power will be better. 
  • Normal Ram: We recommend that you buy 4GB of ram or more.
  • HDD or SSD: Really does not need too much speed, but reliability is a must-have,  a good 120GB SSD is quite enough.
  • VGA (GPU): new NVIDIA RTX Series or AMD RX6000 series here.
  • PSU (Source): Power supply is a very important thing. We are using the system with 6 or more graphics cards, then you choose to buy a source from at least 1500W or more, depend on the TDP of the whole system.

Final Thoughts

In general, the current mining motherboards are priced quite well and really worth your reference. With the effects that bitcoin brings thousands of dollars, you should invest in a good motherboard, rich in fighting power is completely reasonable and should do.

Hopefully, the above useful information will help you get more information and from there choose the best mining motherboards.

As a tech-enthusiast and a genuine gamer, she always strives to provide readers with objective information from her experience. Tracy graduated in computer science and has been working with computers for more than 10 years. Besides, it's also known that she is a professional marketer. Tracy has appeared in many popular game magazines and newspapers. With her efforts and experiences, Tracy hopes to bring many objective reviews for gamers.
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