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The power supply (PSU) is an electronic device that causes a lot of confusion and difficulties for gamers, because it's really difficult to measure and evaluate its performance for the majority of people. use. So it is quite difficult to find the best PSUs for gaming PCs. This is simply because the power supply cannot clearly see the performance when used as other components, not to mention the fact that most power supplies on the market do not have much improvement in aesthetics in a gaming PC system.

But the truth is, the power supply has a huge effect on a computer system. If the user chooses a bad power supply, the system will not be able to run smoothly, even after a short time, many components inside the system will die and the culprit is the power supply. On the other hand, most users will not understand which source of power they need to run the system they are using effectively.

For those of you who want to learn more and have searched on Google, you will be stunned by the complex knowledge of PSUs. In addition, most of the knowledge sites list a lot of PSU related standards that you really don't need to know because… just makes things more complicated. Therefore, this article is designed to simplify knowledge related to computer resources, so you can see for a few minutes and conclude: Is this PSU really the best gaming power supply or best power supplies for gaming for me or not?

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First of all, you need to know capacity is one of the first things users should consider on any power supply of any company. The PSU is considered the heart of PC Gaming, providing the running power for the whole engine. Therefore, choosing a source with the right capacity is extremely important, so buy a source with a little extra capacity to both run and have basic energy when needed and also convenient for upgrading.

To ensure stable system operations, the first thing to do is to ensure that the PSU has enough capacity to power all the computer's components. Imagine, what happens when our power supply is not enough to power the entire system? The worst case scenario is that the system will not function and now need another source of better quality, more power to meet the level of power the system needs to supply. But in some cases more unlucky, will lead to damage or fire of components inside the system.

Here we will take a look at the top 5 best PSUs for gaming in 2020:

1. Corsair RM850X - Best PSU for gaming PC

The RM power supply from Corsair is one of the names that has been loved for many years. This is a product line that brings a strong reputation and has become a monumental monument in the world of sources, a pioneer in warranty service and reliability. The latest RMX range offers significant improvements in component quality, quiet performance and excellent price tag. Of course, it includes many other significant features that make this a masterpiece, including 80 Plus Gold performance certification, Full Modular support that adds aesthetics and space to the system. In addition, to mention the excellent after-sale warranty service when the product has a warranty period of up to 10 years.

This product is priced slightly higher than competing 80 Plus Gold power supplies, the Corsair RM850X $292 has a continuous capacity of up to 850 Watts, a level of excess power if the user is only running with one High-end VGA. Reliability and a great balance between performance and functionality make the RM850x the top choice in the best power supply portfolio. 

But if you want to build the system yourself and are looking for a mid-range PSU, give the Corsair RM 750X a try. This 750W power supply is gold-certified for efficiency, so it won't make your electricity bill suddenly skyrocket. The RMX is fully modular and comes with a variety of black cables so you can keep it neatly organized in the case.

The $248.99 Corsair RM 750X also comes equipped with a fan tuned for low noise operations. There's even an option where the fan is completely turned off at light load, keeping your system running smoothly.

2. Asus ROG 1200W: The best high-power PSU

When building a high-end gaming PC using components like two graphics cards, you need a lot of power provided by a PSU, like the $ 319.99 Asus ROG 1200W. This 1200W power supply is platinum certification, meaning it achieves extremely high efficiency and has a wing-blade fan to keep components cool, while still operating very quietly.

Interesting extras on this gaming-focused PSU include an integrated OLED panel, which displays real-time information on power consumption and RGB lighting, controllable by Asus Aura. Sync to add a bit of color to your system.

3. Cooler Master V1200/1200W/80 Plus Platinum - Unbeatable price for 1200w capacity

The Cooler Master V1000 is good, now the V1200 is much better. The product is based on the most advanced design, best component design quality (eg DC-DC design, 100% Japanese capacitor, Full Modular ...). More especially, it is the power level up to 1200W continuously, providing outstanding efficiency, excellent voltage stability. And thanks to the high quality FDB fan, the Cooler Master V1200 / 1200W / 80 Plus Platinum power supply is extremely cool and quiet.

If gamers need a powerful power supply with the best quality, the most affordable price to run power-hungry multi-card systems. Cooler Master V1200 is a unique premium option at the moment.

4. EVGA 600 BR - PSU with the best price

Those looking for an affordable, but high-quality PSU should consider the EVGA 600 BR. This $ 62.99 PSU has the essentials you need, like copper certification. This means the EVGA 600 BR isn't the most efficient PSU, but it's not too terrible either. This PSU also provides reliable performance without making too much noise.

The PSU is not modular, so you can't get rid of cables you don't need. However, the included cables are wrapped in black for a sleeker look. If you build your PC on a limited budget, this component comes with a 3-year warranty for complete peace of mind.

5. EVGA Supernova 850 T2 - Best modular PSU

Whether you want your build to be aesthetically pleasing or space-saving and allow easy air circulation, you should opt for a modular PSU like the EVGA Supernova 850 T2. The modular PSU comes with detachable cables, so just plug in the cables you want to use. For example, most modern motherboards provide additional CPU power with an 8-pin ATX cable, but some other motherboards use a 4-pin EPS cable instead.

Most power supplies come with both ATX and EPS cables. In modular power supply, you simply unplug the cables you don't need to save space. This special PSU comes with 1 ATX cable, 2 EPS cables, 4 PCIe cables, 4 SATA cables, 2 4-pin peripheral cables, a floppy disk adapter and AC power cable - almost every power cable you can need! The $276.74 EVGA Supernova 850 T2 is also Titanium certified, offers 850W of power and is a bit shorter in length than the standard PSU, making it more compact. And its warranty is also up to 10 years, not many PSUs are warranted for that long.

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1. Is PSU really important to Gaming PC?

PSU is a device that converts the alternating current from the grid to direct current to supply electronic components in the computer. This is one of the devices that determine the life, durability, stability ... of the entire hardware system on the computer. If the computer's power is not enough, it will definitely cause a series of annoying errors such as: the computer automatically reboots, when playing heavy games or using the graphics software will be frozen continuously, the video card image is broken, appears strange characters, mainboard is blistered and bulging ...

In addition, it is one of the components that are less likely to be replaced according to the list "RAM -> Hard Drive -> Graphics Card -> Case -> Power -> CPU -> Mainboard" because they are almost not outdated, so choose a good PSU, meeting the capacity of the components needed is an important thing for your Gaming PC.

2. Which manufacturers' PSUs are the best today?

More important than capacity and standards is the manufacturer itself. A 1000W power source and 80 Plus Platium certification makes no sense being made by a strange company, especially the Chinese language on it. Who dares to ensure that the parameters they publish are true or not when no one has verified them?

Therefore for new PC builders, we recommend using only power supplies from manufacturers such as: Asus, Cooler Master, Cosair, EVGA, Gigabyte, SeaSonic, SilverStone, Super Flower. When using the computer resources of these companies you can be assured of the published parameters and their products also have many reviews on the internet for your reference.

3. I often see power supplies labeled Performance - Standard 80 Plus, what do they mean?

That’s a pretty good question. If you go through the PSUs you will probably see products that say "80 Plus Standard" or "80 Plus White" sometimes only "80 Plus", some products have "80 Plus Bronze", "80 Plus Gold ”,… so what do these words mean? 

They are the power efficiency of the computer's power, for example a 500W real power PSU with the "80 Plus Standard" standard will practically draw from your power outlet 625W, wasting 125W because of the heat. Generally speaking, a source with a higher 80 Plus standard will use less electricity, and in the long run will save your electricity bill more but in return, their cost is also higher.

In general, if you use your computer for more than 12 hours a day, you should choose the source with the highest standard 80 Plus that your budget can meet (like Titanium standard). And if it simply plays a few hours a day, it is not necessary. The 80 Plus standard ranks from low to high according to the following table (80 Plus Titanium is the highest). And as you can see, power efficiency is highest when running at around 50% load.

4. What about the “Full Modular” code on PSU?

If you pay attention you will also see some PSU codes with the word Full Modular, most of them do not have this line. Simply understood, the Full Modular codes are the wires from the source to the components inside the computer that are removable, limiting the redundant wires that cause loss of aesthetics in the computer case. Of course, the price of the Full Modular codes will be more expensive and if you use a steel case or under the table, the Full Modular or not does not matter much.

5. Is there a cheap PSU, but is the quality within acceptable range?

Of course, because we're here to help. Below are 3 cheap PSUs but the quality is also quite good that you can refer to:

  • Corsair VS450: The Corsair VS450 is a mid-range product hit by Corsair in the past 2 years. This Corsair product is trusted by gamers who build cheap PC gaming themselves because of its excellent capacity/ price.

  • Antec VP550: VP550 is also a product that gamers choose to upgrade or build cheap PC gaming in recent years. This is a product from the top PSU brand: Antec. Up to the 80 plus standard, the product's performance cannot be criticized, possibly reaching 82% at some load levels.

  • FSP Dagger Pro 650W: Saga is FSP's most popular PSU series. Therefore, gamers who want to upgrade or build a cheap PC gaming system by themselves, do not ignore this PSU.

Final Thoughts

Finally, there are many things to consider when buying the best power supplies for gaming PCs. Many gaming PC builders choose a cheap PSU for the first time, but later regret that this component "dies" and may even drag other parts of the system down. To avoid this, be sure to purchase a good source of computer from a reputable brand.

Also, consider other features you might need, including performance ratings, modular cables, and compact dimensions. You can also consider options for keeping your PSU quiet, like a good fan quality, silent operation mode under low load, or even a fanless PSU.

But if you want to consult more options then:

And this is it, we have reviewed best power supplies for gaming or best gaming power supply/ best PSUs for gaming, do you have the right choice for your own gaming PC?

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