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Best Stereo Speakers of August 2022

With Artificial Intelligent, Big Data, and detailed reviews from the evaluation of 50,903 customers, JustGage experts have come up with 23 best products for Best Stereo Speakers. Let's take a look at the top brands loved by consumers: Definitive Technology, Klipsch, KEF, Q Acoustics, Dali, Polk Audio, GoHawk, Moukey, AmazonBasics, Sony, Edifier, ECOXGEAR, Anker, LG, Long Run Technologies, Sharp, BOSS Audio Systems, Pyle.

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The best stereo speaker is an indispensable device for your home entertainment system. With it, you can experience sound at its highest level with the stereo system it produces. Stereo speakers rely upon the availability of stereo audio recording to reproduce what some refer to as "true stereo." A stereo audio recording includes two or more independent audio channels, which can be played independently through stereo speakers.

For the purposes of this article, we will bring you the best stereo speakers with objective reviews from the consumers of JustGage.

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Basically, stereo speakers are two integrated speakers in a single device. And they are designed to be installed on the left and right side of the audio equipment. In which each separate speaker will use each corresponding audio channel, thereby creating a stereo effect.

Speakers stereo is a technology that refers to devices equipped with dual speakers, through which it is possible to output sound through the left and right channels, creating a feeling of louder, more realistic sound than Mono sound. Because of this, when listening to Stereo sound, you get a sense of the space, position of each individual sound, and the movement of the object.

“Stereophonic” is two concurrent systems of sound. The buzzword among audiophiles that predates “stereo” is “hi-fi”, a slang abbreviation of the term “high fidelity”. One channel, one speaker. Recording artists like Enrico Caruso in the 1920’s and Dolly Parton in the 1960’s demanded better results from the audio engineers. Because you, dear listener, have two ears, you can locate the source of a sound as the sound reaches one ear before the other. This sound imaging is as reproducible as the sound.

Stereo sound helps you feel the space and position of each individual sound by moving the sound back and forth between two speakers. We can hear and distinguish from which side the sound comes from. Thanks to the Stereo sound technology, users can immerse themselves in real and lively music when watching movies, listening to music, or playing games. For example, when you watch a video with a car running from left to right, you can also hear the sound of the car running from left to right, feeling like watching a real car. This technology is not new, but it is an indispensable standard part of current sound systems.

So choosing to buy the best stereo speakers is not easy, especially when there are too many outstanding brands in sound and an outstanding price at reasonable prices. That’s why here below, we've helped you choose the best stereo speakers available today:

1. Definitive Technology BP9080x - Incredible towers with high price but worth every penny

As the largest two speakers in the BP9000 series of Definitive Technology, BP9080x is equipped with advanced features, modern technology to bring vivid sound quality, detailed design combined with breakthrough design will surely make you satisfied.

Definitive Technology BP9080x is a bipolar speaker with a unique speaker structure of up to 10 drivers, using the two-sided speaker layout technique "Forward- Focused Bipolar Array (FFBP) - exclusive technique", providing dark balance. With 3 tweeters, 4 midrange speakers, 1 woofer, and 2 passive woofers on the side, this design provides a wide, pitch soundstage. The sound stage is much louder and feels more realistic than conventional speaker designs.

Just like the brothers in the series, BP9080x uses 2 passive bass speakers and 1 12-inch electric sub speaker inside, which improves low-frequency sound for the speaker while making the bass deeper and stronger. Use does not need to add an external sub.

Next are the aluminum dome tweeter and waveguide structure system called 20/ 20 Wave Alignment LenseTM which improves stereo sound quality by eliminating symmetrical diffraction. The high frequency range from the Definitive Technology BP9080x's treble speakers pronounces higher frequencies than listeners, creating an overall sound quality as heard in the theater.

In addition, The Definitive Technology BP9080x stereo speaker is also equipped with BDSS "Balanced Double Surround System" symmetrical double surround sound system to help improve the speaker bias. The Intelligent Bass Control ™ is the latest technology that gives you the ability to set your bass up and down within the specified range, while keeping the mid frequency range balanced.

Definitive Technology BP9080x Speaker Integrated 2-way speaker module on top of speaker, helping you set up Dolby Atmos/ DTS:X (enabled speakers) speaker system for extremely vivid 3D sound. In addition, the company also designed the Led Backlit Definitive Technology Logo, the symbol "D" on the front of the BP9080x speaker is not just a logo. When the speaker is turned on, this logo will light up simultaneously to indicate the status is in use and the user can turn it off if desired. It will automatically turn off/ or wait after 20 minutes with no signal of operation. Included with the speaker is a special Definitive Audio stand to ensure BP9080x is not affected by vibrations and interference from the floor.

Therefore, the Definitive Technology BP9080x deserves the top 5 on our list of the best stereo speakers!

2. KEF LS50 Wireless - Luxury Stereo speakers From UK

Launched on the 55th anniversary of the KEF establishment, the LS50 Wireless is favorably equipped with many new technologies and innovations that have been researched over the past time. The LS50 Wireless retains the design of the traditional LS50 pair with the coaxial speaker using the 25mm Uni-Q tweeter diaphragm, which is placed neatly inside the albuminium mid/ bass tuber with magnesium. However, the cabinet is a bit longer to add space for the wireless audio reception module, including the aptX standard wi-fi and bluetooth 4.0 connections.

In particular, this pair of speakers also contains a new KEF technology called "time calibration", which is the DSP (digital sound processor), which helps the signal not be delayed during transmission, thereby eliminating negative phenomena that affect sound.

LS50 Wireless is equipped with power amplifier "hybrid": 30watt class AB/ channel for high range, 200watt class D/ channel for mid/ bass range, DAC chip compatible with digital music source resolution of 24bit/ 192kHz. Besides, there is an equalizer system for users to arbitrarily choose the sound modes according to their enjoyment and suitable for different speaker positions.

There is a separate control app for smartphones and tablets running Android and iOS operating systems. Physical connections include USB, ethernet, analogue and optical. At the same time, KEF also officially announced that the LS50 Wireless will support the world's leading high-quality music services such as Tidal, Spotify ...

With the price of $2,499 - consider it before deciding to buy but if you have already bought the LS50 Wireless then no regrets, because the quality comes at price.

3. Klipsch Forte III Heritage Series: Preserving the enduring value of classic speakers

The return of Forte III is the affirmation of the immortal values ​​that have existed for decades with the Heritage speaker line in general and the Forte speaker in particular, the products that are famous symbols of the rich speaker brand. state of America Klipsch. Although it has strongly developed according to the general trends of modern audio flow with many different product segments covering almost all segments of the market, the Heritage Classic speaker line is still kept and cared by Klipsch. special.

After 21 years since the 2nd generation in 1996, Forte III was introduced with very few changes in appearance, retaining almost intact technical basic design and upgraded components. components to both achieve a step forward in quality and between the distinctive identities of these speakers.

Klipsch is built in the form of a large size cabinet speaker with 3-way construction, equipped with a large-diameter paper diaphragm woofer and mid speakers, horn tweeter. At the low frequency range, Forte III owns a 305mm paper-based K-281 woofer. In addition, to enhance the bass effect, the speaker is added with a passive woofer KD-15 with a diameter of up to 380mm on the back to create powerful, deep, and spread bass. This combination of bass speakers uses a technology called "More depth less deep", this technique helps the speaker to reproduce a very deep frequency range despite the modest size of the speaker depth.

The mid and high range of the speaker is equipped with Klipsch's signature Tractrix Horn structure. In particular, these mid and tweeters possess a high-end titanium driver that only appears in the top line of Klipsch speakers instead of the usual aluminum diaphragm driver. The mid loudspeaker uses a K-70 driver with a 44.5mm diameter titanium in the K-703-M throat, while the tweeter uses a 25.4mm titanium driver and a K-100TI horn. The geometrical design of the horns has also been adjusted thanks to modern technologies to help them reproduce sound more accurately and achieve the optimum diffusion angle.

The Klipsch Forte III also features a wide array of horn loudspeaker specifications including 8Ohms impedance and a very high sensitivity of up to 99dB, allowing it to be paired with low-powered Class A amps or amps. achieves good performance and high sound quality.

Klipsch Forte speaker enclosures are also designed in accordance with the most distinctive features of the Heritage series. Using vintage natural wood color schemes, meticulously crafted and cared for in Klipsch's home country in the US, the Forte III speakers both showcase the premium, classy look of a flagship lineup and bold classic features according to their "Heritage" name.

Sold at $3,998, you should consider carefully, because what belongs to classical art usually costs quite a lot, but believe the Klipsch Forte III is a bargain for you!

4. Q Acoustics Concept 20 - Clear and well-rounded bookshelf speakers

Like the 3020 bookshelf speaker or the Concept 40 floorstanding, the Concept 20 is particularly outstanding in making people want to listen to music for longer, helping them find details that the old pair of speakers cannot. discovered. In fact, Concept 20 can be on par with many rival bookshlef speakers of the same stature or the same price from KEF, Usher, B&W, Jamo, Monitor Audio, Quad, Elac. And these stereo speakers have never been disappointed with their distinctive individuality.

Concept 20 pairs of bookshelf speakers was developed on the foundation of the award-winning 2020i junior - with the speaker cabinet with significant improvements in technology - but the most prominent is the concept of " box in the box ”. Inside the outer shell is another shell - the same 10mm thick MDF, separated by a special soft material called Gelcore. It is this Gelcore class that reduces resonance in the cabinet, minimizes vibration, making the sub-speakers maintain the highest performance, even over long periods of time. The Gelcore layer also helps to completely eliminate the so-called drumming, so that the sound reaching the listener's ears completely comes from the sub speakers.

The body of the bookshlef Concept 20 pair is quite small with four rounded edges, the outer shell is coated with lacquer like a piano with two basic colors black and white. The speaker uses a 12.5 cm ceramic diaphragm mid / bass tuber and a 2.5 cm carbon fiber soft dome treble dome which is designed as "hanging", completely independent of the front of the speaker to avoid being affected by vibrations. dynamic caused by mid / bass tubers. Concept 20 allows for bi-wire or bi-amp, quite picky with a pair of small cheap speakers.

The strongest impression that these tiny speakers bring is the bass range. The rear air vent also contributes to the Concept 20's excellent performance of fast, powerful drums in rock tracks. It's a bit hard to believe with a pair of "shoe box" speakers - the size of which is just like a shoe box - but that's true. That is not to mention that the sound stage is very accurately reproduced, spacious and slightly backward, but does not tend to attack the listener like many other bookshelf speakers.

It is worth mentioning that this pair of speakers is not difficult at all. Amplifiers around 50 watts/ channel are more than enough, however, getting up to 100 watts / channel is perfect. Most surprisingly, the Concept 20's mid-range is quite rustic, mellow, not fresh as originally envisioned, giving listeners a pleasant feeling and wanting to listen to music for longer. So is the high band, soft, gentle.

The Q Acoustics Concept 20 can be said to be the ideal pair of stereo speakers for spaces 25 meters or less and requires no elaborate acoustics processing. Simple, clean with excellent sound quality from the UK. For $599 - you can get the Q Acoustics Concept 20 - topped the $600 price range!

5. DALI - Spektor 2, good price and impressive design

The design of this Dali Spektor 2 speaker model is very good and practical, this model is designed to be simple and compact with a moderate size to help setup effectively in any modern listening space. The cabinet is made of MDF and is covered with a vinyl outer layer that effectively avoids scratches. The front of the cabinet is carefully leather-covered to both protect the speaker and enhance the aesthetics of the product. The driver system is fixed to the cabinet with very solid screws.

Dali advises players to place the Spektor 2 speaker pair on a stand instead of on a shelf or table, both improving the aesthetic effect while reducing vibrations compared to the player placing it on the table. This pair of Dali Spektor 2 speakers is a perfect alternative for those looking to own a pair of speakers for small to medium rooms for under $500.

This model bookshelf speaker has a 2-way design to the soft dome tweeter driver and the midbass cone driver. The first is the Spektor 2 tweeter driver which is still 25mm in diameter and uses an ultra-light woven fabric, this fabric is lightweight and soft to help undertake detailed, harmonious and no-glare high-range sound language.

High range is considered to have the same sound reproduction quality as the Dali Spektor 1 vertical speaker model due to the same tweeter. And a midbass driver from Spektor 2 still has a cone diaphragm made from paper and reinforced with wood fiber, providing a rough surface for the driver to minimize surface resonance, the diameter of the speaker is 133.4mm. thanks to that, its bass range is down to 54Hz. In addition, this model also has other designs such as: 2-layer voice coil, permanent magnet system, optimized speaker frame, wide dust cover...

Dali Spektor 2 only costs $349, obviously this is a good price for you to own a stereo speaker for sound quality relative to impressive design.


1. Is there any effect on the sound quality of the sound when I put the stereo speakers on my floor lined with wood?

Definitely, as the space you place the stereo speakers will affect the sound quality. Hard surfaces like windows or parquet floors will reflect sound, causing sound distortion due to power amplification, or even sound suppression. Softer surfaces like cloth curtains and cotton rugs can absorb sound, and uneven surfaces like bookcases and shelves diffuse the sound.

So please note:

Do not place stereo speakers too close to the wall, leave space between 2 and 3 feet.

  • Do not orient the stereo speakers making them fully parallel to each other. Because they look good, they make the sound output not at the highest quality.
  • Do not directly place stereo speakers on the floor (unless they are floor-standing tower speakers). For small speaker devices, you should place them on a stand high enough for the speaker to be raised at ear level.
  • And especially do not place anything in front of the stereo speakers, as they will reflect the sound, resulting in distortion or sound blur.

2. Can I hear stereo sound with just one speaker?

Of course not. Stereo, by definition, is two channel sound, left and right. So you can’t hear stereo reproduction from a single speaker.

If the one speaker is hooked up to a stereo amplifier that has a mono switch you can “fold” that signal down to mono and play everything in the recording through that one speaker.

If your amplifier does not have the mono switch, you may be listening only to the left half or the right half of the recording, with certain instruments or vocals missing. This loss would be more noticeable with stereo recordings from 1958–1970, when lead vocals or even the entire rhythm section might only be in one channel of the recording, a mixing style that disappeared about the same time that 16 track studio recording became available.

You can get spatial sounding reproduction from one speaker in an echo chamber (physical or electronic) or in acoustically live surroundings, or with lots of diffusion, or by using one acoustical diffusor or bright screen to send one part (maybe 1/2) of the sound from the single speaker toward a distant wall, or by aiming the speaker at a very large, uneven, hard surface, such as a large brick and stone fireplace, etc.

There are lots of tricks. But there is no way to get true stereo from a single speaker. So the only way out is to go from the list we provide and pick your own best stereo speaker.

3. Are there any tips to help me locate the stereo speakers correctly?

You can apply the golden rectangle rule. Try placing the speaker about 3 feet from the front wall, of course your room is large enough to allow this. And the effect is to reduce negative reflection from the surrounding walls as well as suppress the bass.

The distance from the surrounding walls is equally important. The golden rectangle rule states that the distance of the stereo speakers to the nearest wall should be 1.6 times its distance to the wall in front.Then when the stereo speakers are in the ideal position, rotate them 30 degrees from their original position. Basically, your location and the two stereo speakers from the three vertices of an equilateral triangle.

Keep in mind that you don't want the listener's head to be exactly at the corner of the triangle. Sit several inches closer so that the point rests behind the head. This way, your ears will pick up the left and right stereo channels properly.

4. Any advice to help me create a complete stereo system by myself?

It is possible to create your own stereo system by purchasing speakers and transceivers and installing them. However, everything needs to be calculated and attentive because the audio signals are easy to lose and you will not be able to enjoy the highest quality. Therefore, you need to pay attention to:

  • Audience room: Anyone who plays audio understands that it is necessary to have qualified rooms in order to hear the best sound. The problem that you need to pay attention to is the soundproofing so that the sound does not spill out. Then comes the reverberation problem. Choosing the materials that build the room and the materials surrounding the room can also affect the ability to spread and absorb sound in the room itself.

  • Stereo speakers and their components: You can choose from a variety of speakers according to your preferred shape, size or price. It should also be noted that the relevant components are indispensable in creating the most complete stereo system. Sound amplifiers are also useful for many people, in many cases.

  • Sound Source: There are many sound sources available today that you can choose from. The CD, DVD, Blu-ray player or even with a Smartphone in your hand is no problem. However, as mentioned, since it is a system, you must pay close attention to the problem of connecting devices together

  • Connection cables and accessories: To connect the devices into a system, there should be connection cables such as speaker cables, HDMI cables... Particularly for speaker cables, the shorter the cable, the transmission capacity. The faster the audio signal and keep the better quality. Because then, the resistance in the wire at a low level will make the current work more efficiently. Also because transmission is an important factor, you should pay attention to wire quality. In addition, necessary accessories such as remote controls for devices or racks and pedestals should also be considered and invested properly to best suit the needs.

  • Arrangement and placement: If based on the concept of Stereo sound as the interference between sound waves, the arrangement and arrangement of speakers should also be paid attention. You can arrange the speakers to bounce the sound in the same direction, or scatter the speakers across the room and you'll be the central figure in the middle of that interference. There are many ways to enjoy hearing stimulation, so you can try.

5. Are bluetooth (or wired) headphones called stereo speakers?

The answer is both yes and no. Yes because it's still stereo. Not because its stereo quality is too low. In terms of experiment, the headset is not really stereo but it is more inclined to binaural (like a sound wave propagating at the same time into two ears).

Headphones are the device most heavily influenced by Spatial Distortion because each ear is a different sound source, creating a "false sound field". In many cases, the soundstage cannot be determined, especially for inexpensive low-quality headphones. Poor quality smartphones and headphones are also a culprit, but it's hard to blame when it's the easiest way to access music, especially for users on a budget that's not too big.

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Final Thoughts

Finally we have presented to you the best stereo speakers available today, based on design, sound quality and price criteria.

Hopefully, you will have a wise choice to complete your home stereo entertainment system!

As a tech-enthusiast and a genuine gamer, she always strives to provide readers with objective information from her experience. Tracy graduated in computer science and has been working with computers for more than 10 years. Besides, it's also known that she is a professional marketer. Tracy has appeared in many popular game magazines and newspapers. With her efforts and experiences, Tracy hopes to bring many objective reviews for gamers.
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