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Best White Pc Cases of August 2022

With Artificial Intelligent, Big Data, and detailed reviews from the evaluation of 37,567 customers, JustGage experts have come up with 23 best products for Best White Pc Cases. Let's take a look at the top brands loved by consumers: NZXT, Phanteks, Cooler Master, be quiet!, Corsair, Lian Li, ASUS, darkFlash, MUSETEX, Thermaltake, Apevia, Montech.

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If black is the basic color of many different computer sets, white is something very disruptive, giving the gaming corner a neat and simple style, the beauty is very civilized.

Unlike before, when white always asked for a rather expensive price, now case firms have grasped the psychology of gamers who like to build gaming pc and release pure white case models. If you are in need of changing the colors for your gaming angle, let's take a look at the 5 best white PC cases today.

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Basically just to cram all computer components into the inside, why do people have to choose to buy different color cases, colorful lights? In addition to being nicer, computer cases will bring many benefits in both performance and experience compared to the "noname" floating on the market. Of course, that is in case you choose to buy a case that matches the rest of the computer's components. First of all, these 3 basic principles will help you choose to buy a case like that.

  • Must be the right size

Do not think that buying expensive big case cases is beautiful, cool, even if the components inside are not suitable. Currently, some popular motherboard sizes are Mini ITX, M-ATX and ATX, corresponding to these motherboards with many different standard case sizes, so above all balance between mainboard and case first.

  • There must be enough ports

Depending on your needs, choosing to buy a case with connectivity and accessibility ports is quite important. For many people, just the front of the case with 1 USB 2.0 port and audio I / O is enough, but many people ask for more.

In addition to the connection ports located on the back, the current motherboards also support a lot of ports connecting to the front. Not to mention some familiar ports like Audio or USB 2.0 / 3.0, high-end motherboards can support optical port output, or USB fast charging. Some high-end products, manufacturers also support fan control systems and monitor the operating system status.

  • Must be cool

After all, apart from the aesthetic factor as well as the box to hold all the computer components, another big influence of the case is the process of circulating air inside it. The good cases have certainly been designed so that the hot air flows do not get clogged inside the movement. This problem depends on the number of case fans to support installation, the radiator trays on many sides, users can rely on that to set the suction and blow direction.

Please note that choosing cases that can install at least 1-3 fans on the top and bottom, 1 radiator fan on the back, you will no longer have to worry about hot air escaping from your PC case.

And within the scope of this article we are talking about the best white PC cases, so let's go look for them!

1. NZXT H510i Integrated RGB Lighting - White

Following the success of H Series cases, NZXT has now improved further with new generation products. Its top-selling case lineup now offers new features to improve device connectivity, make PC installation easier, and look even better.

You'll still find signature designs in the H series including signature styling, a patented cable management system, fan / heatsink bracket and hard drive tray, new innovations like connectors Front USB-C, tempered glass clip with a single screw, and Smart Device V2 upgraded on versions with "i" suffix.

NZXT H510i Integrated RGB Lighting - White $99.99 now includes design enhancements including a reworked SSD tray, tempered glass latch, and one-screw side cover for a convenient PC installation. The new Smart Device V2 houses a faster processor that provides control for NZXT CAM software with customized two-channel HUE 2 RGB and three fan channels, and supports either traditional DC or PWM fans.

And importantly, the clean white modern design, the signature cable management bar, will make the system stand out like never before.

2. Thermaltake S500 Tempered Glass Snow Edition

Thermaltake has just released the $ 229.71 Snow Edition White S500 Tempered Glass case. The case is mid tower type, and is made of steel with a simple, sophisticated design that is suitable for gamers who like simplicity, purity or are using white computer components and gaming gear.

S500 Tempered Glass Snow Edition is equipped with 4mm thick tempered glass on the side and because of its modular design, this case allows you to change panels, stands, and supports vertical mounting of the video card. The PCIe slot is rotatable, making installation and customization easier and more convenient.

In addition, the S500 Tempered Glass Snow Edition also supports CPU air dissipation with a maximum height of 172mm, a 400mm long screen card (if you attach two cards, you need to remove the HDD compartment), and the PSU power supply has a maximum length of 220mm. In addition to the 2 built-in fans (140mm at the front and 120mm at the back), the chassis also supports mounting 3 140mm fans or 2 200mm fans on the front, 2 200mm fans on the roof, or 420mm radiator on the front. and 360mm above the roof.

3. Corsair Carbide Series 678C Low Noise Tempered Glass ATX Case, White

CORSAIR Carbide Series 678C is a perfect white mid-size case that is optimized for smooth operation and offers a variety of cooling system installation options, and data storage installations.Possessing an attractive style, the Corsair 678C is optimized to minimize noise when operating to a minimum. A blend of basic and modern design provides flexible cooling and storage installation.

Designed exclusively for users who love high customization. The components inside are capable of customizing the installation and layout, providing a comfortable space for users to install custom water coolers or workstations using multiple hard drives.

In particular, the Corsair 678C $303.58 White version also has the option to reduce noise. High-density foam inside, located in front of the panel prevents noise from escaping the machine's internal components, keeping your workspace really quiet.

4. InWin 303 White ATX Mid Tower Computer Case with Tempered Glass, White

That name says it all, the InWin 303 Tempered Glass White computer case uses two main materials: metal and glass. With the aim of targeting the mid-range price segment, the InWin 303 has been studied to minimize some details. However, all its structural details are made of standard metal and are extremely solid. The side uses thick glass but the transparency is quite good to show the system in the best way with extremely elegant white color.

Observed from the outside, this case includes smooth flat surfaces and minimalistic details to create simplicity but equally sophisticated and modern. The $89.99 InWin 303 White case belongs to the mid-tower case line, it is capable of supporting two mainboard standards, ATX and Micro-ATX. We recommend that in order to create a balance by observing users should place this too small ATX motherboard inside.

Despite the minimalism of some details, the In-Win 303 design is always concerned with the cooling system. Win 303 supports 2 mounting positions with large 360 ​​radiators that can be installed 3 120mm fans and a 140mm large fan on the back. As a result, good air flow and heat reduction for the entire system. In addition, the right side also has heat holes with Honeycomb motifs to help dissipate the power supply.

5. Cooler Master MasterBox TD500 Mesh White Airflow ATX Mid-Tower with Polygonal Mesh Front Panel

This CoolerMaster MASTERBOX TD500 TG MESH WHITE ARGB case is designed with a three-dimensional diamond cut extending from the front bezel of the case. The side and front are designed with a glass surface, and can be seen inside. The included LED lighting effects connect three preset RGB LED fans and the RGB power button creates stunning lighting effects.

As we can see, the design of the E-ATX MasterBox TD500 Mesh case adds a new dimension to the LED system through stamping lines and shapes, giving manually installed computer systems a splendid look through glass panels. 2-dimensional flat. In addition, the Case Cooler Master on the side of the crystal tempered glass possesses an interactive design with light-emitting components, which is precisely machined to ensure rigidity as well as aesthetics thanks to CNC cutting technology.

The $99.99 CoolerMaster MASTERBOX TD500 TG MESH WHITE ARGB case supports CPU coolers up to 165mm in height, graphics cards up to 410mm in length, and power supplies up to 180mm in length.The product supports Mini ITX, Micro ATX, ATX, SSI CEB, E-ATX format - you need to pay attention to avoid having to avoid confusion when buying, leading to mismatch with the main case. In addition, support for expansion trays with different sizes gives gamers more options. 2 3.5 ”trays and 6 2.5” trays.

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1. What is a beautiful case, why must a case be beautiful?

Sure, no one wants to choose to buy an ugly-case. But it is also difficult to judge what a beautiful case is, because the aesthetics of each person always have certain differences, but some notes below will help you:

  • Do not pay attention to the case with the mica side, glass, if your internal hardware is not beautiful.

  • If your monitor, keyboard and mouse are elegant, less colorful, choosing to buy a case with lots of LED lights will not be really suitable.

  • Customizing an existing case is not a bad choice for computer users, it will help you have a unique system. However, make sure that interference with the chassis of the case does not interfere with the operation of the internal components.

2. Why choose a computer case with good heat dissipation?

The stable temperature will prolong the life of the components in your computer: Temperature problem - a problem quite a headache for most computer users today. Surely everyone knows that the temperature factor affects a lot of the operation as well as the durability of electronic components in computers. 

Computer components such as mainboard, CPU, RAM ... when operating, often emit a very large amount of heat, if not released of heat in time, the computer will work more slowly and when this phenomenon also drags long and continuously will even make the laptop suddenly be dead.

Therefore, keeping the computer at a stable temperature, the environment inside the computer case is cool, and efficiently dissipating heat will help protect the "health" of the computer as well as important components, prolonging the life of them. For example, the average lifespan of a computer motherboard is about 4-5 years, but if you are well protected, it can be up to 6-7 years or more. That is the importance of heat dissipation for PC components, and the case plays that crucial role.

3. What material should I choose for the case?

Currently, the cases on the market are mainly made of steel but they have one nasty downside, so the manufacturer offers a variety of lines made of aluminum. Since then, case weight has been reduced significantly, making it convenient to carry and move when needed. Some cases also support the ability to easily remove components via screw doors, PCI slot covers, and specially designed windows.

In short, you should choose a case that has a neat and removable cable arrangement because this will help you a lot during use. One thing to keep in mind is the material that makes the case convenient to move around and the quality look enhances the owner's personality, so if you can afford it, choose the case with a good price and right. best with your own taste.

4. Is there anything else I should know before buying a PC case?

Such a right time when you ask this question, because otherwise we'll have to propose it ourselves. That is in addition to calculating the size of the case relative to the motherboard, you must also pay attention to the VGA size. There are many cases where users cannot install the side cover of the case because the graphics card is too big, or too long, leading to jamming other components. The size of the current VGA is quite diverse, with a length of about 25 - 40cm depending on the circuit board and its heatsink.

Make sure that the case you choose can support approximate length VGAs. The manufacturer always provides this parameter to avoid the user choosing the wrong case and other components, so before deciding to pay for a new case, do not forget to find out about its supported specifications. A well-sized case not only means feasibility in installation, it also has a huge impact on the aesthetics as well as space for cooling.

5. How many PC cases are there?

Honestly, PC cases are divided into 2 segments, Popular and Special.

Specifically, the popular PC cases will include:

  • Mini Tower: Enough for those who are not in high demand. Stand-up type of case compact enough to use, usually from 35cm to 40cm in height. The inside usually has 1 to 2 trays for optical drives - SSD and HDD.

  • Mid Tower: More comfortable for choosing to buy components, this is the most popular case, with medium size, not too big but not too small. This case is "easy to breathe" than the mini tower because the inside has more space for you to install components, as well as easier to adjust accessories.

  • Full Tower: The great case gives you a villa-like space to attach the hardware inside, but in return you need a cool and spacious place to place the chassis. Full tower case is quite expensive, but in essence it does not bring any practical benefits to the user. Only when you need to install many things in the chassis should you buy. Because it meets the high demands of users but is not essential. But even so a full tower still has some advantages such as big and cool, easy to clean and disassemble components.

  • ULTRA Tower/ SUPER Tower: This type is similar to the full tower case but the size is much more terrible. It must be said that the ultra tower case is like a mini refrigerator. This is a high-end product so the price is very expensive, much more than a full tower. All the shortcomings of the above cases such as wiring, cleaning, and heat dissipation will be optimized from the manufacturer, so you do not need to worry about buying this case, just worry about money.

And the Special PC cases will include:

  • Modular Case: Like a normal tower case, the main function of this case is comfortable disassembly. At first glance, it is a bit confusing, but this type of case is made of Lego bricks, you can customize each part inside and outside, or remove components very freely.

  • Mod Tower: Just like a normal tower case, the size inside and outside will not have its own standard because the function of this case is stackable. Talking about placing the stack, any case can overlap, on the top and bottom of the case there will often be slidges or joints for you to put on top of other cases.

  • Lan Box: Is a boxy case and is used for mobile purposes, this case has the main function of easy transportation - can be held and carried in the hand.

  • Bench Table / Test Bench: This is the type of case mainly for the purpose of testing hardware performance. Say it is the case but in fact this is a simple frame, you can easily disassemble the hardware because this is just a frame, nothing conceals at all.

  • Wall Mount: Similar to the Bench Table / Test Bench, this case is equally "naked". A little different is that instead of the component will attach to a frame like the Bench Table case, in the Wall Mount case, the component will attach to a wide flat surface. In a nutshell, like a large electrical panel, you just need to mount the hardware on it.

  • HTPC: Home Theater PC is the same type of case as a DVD player. This type of case is compact and compact, used for those who want a computer that meets the basic needs and home entertainment. The design of HTPC is quite aesthetically pleasing because it also acts as the interior, in return the inside of the case will be very tight and there is not much empty space.

  • SFF: Small Form Factor is a type of case designed with a small size, which can be larger or equal to or smaller than the HTPC case. Mainly focused on aesthetics and portability when needed. Because it is small, you should not expect too much about the features or benefits that it brings, just look compact - beautiful and portable.

Final Thoughts

Above are the best white PC cases that we can recommend to you. In general, each type will have different strengths:

Now that you know about the best white PC cases in 2020, prepare your money and buy it right away. And don't forget 3 important criterias that we mentioned in the article!

As a tech-enthusiast and a genuine gamer, she always strives to provide readers with objective information from her experience. Tracy graduated in computer science and has been working with computers for more than 10 years. Besides, it's also known that she is a professional marketer. Tracy has appeared in many popular game magazines and newspapers. With her efforts and experiences, Tracy hopes to bring many objective reviews for gamers.
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