Best Wireless Gaming Keyboards of October 2020

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Keyboard has a key role to play whilst we perform several tasks on our personal computer, especially for gamers who want to win the game they crave for. These days, gaming keyboard is categorised into 2 main types: wired keyboard and wireless keyboard. Many users, nowadays, want to possess the best wireless gaming keyboard due to its multi-function offered such as mechanical keys, software suites that let you reprogram keys or RGB illumination. Therefore, in today’s review, we want to discuss the best wireless gaming keyboards for someone who has a liking for owning one. 

Let’s take a look at a list of the best gaming wireless keyboards and our recommended buying guides of sorts that can assist you in purchasing the best one. 

Buying Guides

Some features below can give you some basic understanding about these items for the sake of picking out the best appropriate one for your gaming experiences.

1. Types Of Gaming Wireless Keyboards

It is the kind of technology that's utilized underneath each key on your console. It is the work of the switch to make sure that the computer registers the keystroke. It may be a major calculation because it dictates how long the keys are reaching to last, the responsiveness of the keys, and even the feedback. Therefore, it is critical to know about it because it will offer assistance to choose the sort of gaming keyboard you're craving for. There are fundamentally two sorts of key switches:

  • Membrane

In this sort of keyboard switch, it uses an elastic sitting (and this the console with their characteristic squishy sound). Presently, this sort of console won’t perform well with hard-core gamers. This sort of switch is transcendental superior for casual gamers or somebody who doesn’t need to spend a part of consoles.

Included on,  they are regularly much lighter and offer a sensible cost owing to the basic innovation. But they are softer and quieter than the other counterparts. One of the major downsides of this console is that you simply ought to thrust the keys all the way down for the console to enroll the stroke. It can now and then gotten to be the leading cause of a diversion lost.

  • Mechanical

This kind of switch performs a spring activated switch under each of the keys. It is one of the technologies that has long been here for more than three decades now, and IBM pioneered this technology. This one is regarded as by far the most preferred option by gamers due to its durability, fast experience, and tactility. Moreover, it is more accurate than the membrane technology. 

2. Sort Of Connectivity 

The kind of communication of the keyboard implies how it communicates with the computer. As you as of now might have known, there are two sorts of connections like wired association and wireless connection. Wireless consoles can utilize either radiofrequency or Bluetooth to associate with any of the computers. 

These are by and large favored by gamers who need to go with a clean look or just need to have more adaptability within the development of the keyboard. One of the key highlights to hunt for in a remote console is its battery life, which ought to be great as you don’t need the console to run out of juice whereas you’re within the center of a vital gaming session. And in case the device has an ergonomic design  at that point it makes the gamer feel much more comfortable and can go for longer gaming sessions without any issues. One of the disadvantages of the remote keyboard is that you simply can’t totally depend on the network, and this leads to postponed input, coming about in deferred reaction.

3. Illumination

This feature could be one of by far the most important factors that almost all gamers concern much about. Gaming keyboards go with bright backlighting. When it pertains to backlighting, gamers usually can pick appropriate one from 3 options in gaming keyboards: none, one color, or full RGB keyboard.

If you prefer to play games in darkness, then even a mono color backlight can be beneficial. An RGB gaming keyboard offers the full RGB range of colors, enabling it to display subtle colors like pinks, bright purples, dark reds, and every color in between. The Logitech G915 or the Logitech G915  is really equipped with this feature in order to give users better gaming experiences.

4. The Type Of Material Used

The material with which the keyboard has been made is also one important aspect of this product. It determines the durability of the product and also helps the keyboard to withstand minor bumps every now and then. So basically, you should look out for the type of fibers used in these keyboards. There are two major types of plastics used for manufacturing keyboards: PVC plastic and ABS plastic.

After carrying out the research very thoroughly and intensively based these features of buying guides above, we recommend for you the list of top 3 best wireless gaming keyboards that can narrow your option down:

TOP 3 best gaming wireless keyboards for 2020

1. Logitech G915

Wireless keyboards have often translated to the antithesis of what a gaming keyboard should be, but the most recent wireless technology from Logitech, built into the G915, aims to break that notion. The low profile design features all the trappings of the best mechanical gaming keyboards available: a variety of mechanical switches, dedicated macro keys, media controls, and full per-key RGB lighting.

The design of this device is slim, but remarkably dense, weighing a bit more than people often think at the first sight. The material is textured which feels nice and gives it a grip to prevent it from slipping from your hand during transport. The real test, however, is in battery life, thankfully the G915 passes with flying colors, boasting a 30+ hour lifespan with full RGB brightness on a single charge. Turning off the RGB lighting extends that life dramatically, allowing it to function for up to 100 hours without recharging, but who's going to do that, eh?

The Logitech G915 gives the users the feeling like a logical evolution of what a wireless mechanical keyboard should be featuring excellent connectivity, impressive battery life, and an uncompromising array of features... to those who can afford it.

2. Corsair K63 Wireless

The compact Corsair K63 Wireless comes packed with features. It features a tenkeyless design and Cherry MX Red mechanical key switches for ultimate performance. Brilliant per-key, red LED backlighting allows dynamic and virtually unlimited lighting adjustability. However, the battery life of the K63 Wireless is already pretty abysmal without it.

Its integrated rechargeable battery lasts a measly 15 hours with the lights set to medium and 25 hours at the lowest brightness. Corsair quotes the battery life to be 75 hours with the backlights off, at which point the inclusion of the backlight seems like a redundant decision. Corsair recommends plugging it in for uninterrupted gameplay, but doesn't that defeat the purpose of a wireless keyboard? 

Battery issue aside, the K63 Wireless is a solid board. The keys are responsive, and all its handy features make getting through your day a little easier. As it stands, there's no better option if you need a compact, wireless mechanical keyboard.  Gamers can also seat the K63 wireless in the Corsair Lapboard for gaming in the living room. 

3. Razer Turret

If you want to solve several cord-related issues with a single blow, the Razer Turret has you covered. It's an excellent, sturdy mechanical keyboard (modeled after Razer's BlackWidow and packing clicky, tactile Green switches) with a built-in, retractable mouse pad, paired with a top-shelf wireless mouse. The turret works seamlessly with both PCs and Microsoft's latest family of consoles, the Xbox One. 

The Razer Turret is right around the price you'd pay for a perfect wireless gaming mouse and keyboard independently, and you're getting quality products for your money. The Mamba-equivalent of the Turret performs as well as its separate counterpart, with a 16,000 DPI sensor and a robust IPS rating, and the keyboard is indistinguishable in terms of performance from Razer's BlackWidow. It's a great way to clip two cords at once and build tough to endure your most violent tantrums.


1. Is a wireless keyboard worth purchasing?

A wireless keyboard enables the user more comfort and less strain. People who need to sit still in front of the computer for a long period of time can change their positions without worrying about the eye fatigues.

2. Can you use a wireless keyboard on a laptop?

These days, almost all modern keyboards can connect via USB. As long as your laptop has a free USB port you could plug in your mechanical gaming keyboard and use it with your laptop.

3. How long do wireless keyboard batteries last?

It can be up to three years of battery life for the keyboard and eighteen months for the mouse, you hardly ever have to change batteries.  Keyboard battery life calculation based on an estimated two million keystrokes/year in an office environment.

4. How long does the guarantee last?

Currently, almost all manufacturers also have their own guarantee policies to give their customers the best services. Hence, the things you need to do is digest the information on the website or in the guarantee paper to make sure that you totally make sense of it.

 5. What causes keyboard lag?

For instance, you may encounter the lag while gaming, it takes place as the result of lacking memory. However, even computers with sufficient memory can experience poor keyboard performance. "Filter Keys," a setting in the Windows "Accessibility Options," ignores short or repeated keystrokes, which a user may interpret as lag.

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Final Thoughts

If you are in search of the best peripheral device - gaming wireless keyboard that enables you to get the stunning performance while gaming as well as everyday productivity, The Logitech G915 could be your perfectly ideal choice due to the powerful features as we’ve mentioned above on the “List of top 3 gaming wireless keyboards” session. 

However, if you are likely to own a gaming wireless keyboard with much more reasonable price, The compact Corsair K63 Wireless features all characteristics that may suit your needs and your budget.

We hope that the data above has given you some fundamental ideas about the best gaming keyboards. Our group is on 24/7 to assist you in finding the leading products, please contact us if you have any questions about the best gaming wireless keyboards as well as related to the most excellent gaming workstations, the most gaming peripheral devices you want to purchase on Amazon, and we'll be here to help you find out the best one!

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