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Best Wireless Gaming Mouse of August 2022

With Artificial Intelligent, Big Data, and detailed reviews from the evaluation of 133,765 customers, JustGage experts have come up with 42 best products for Best Wireless Gaming Mouse. Let's take a look at the top brands loved by consumers: Razer, UtechSmart, Logitech G, Redragon, PICTEK, Logitech, havit, ASUS, Corsair, Uciefy, FIRSTBLOOD ONLY GAME., uhuru, VEGCOO, TENMOS, HXMJ.

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    Logitech G
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Have sentences “A good gaming mouse can be your best ally in PC gaming!”. That’s why in this article we bring to you Top 3 best Wireless Gaming Mouse for 2020.

Wireless technology on today's mouse models is much better than before, providing a great user experience, even many products from major brands like Logitech and Razer that have had equal and even latency, outperformed the string mouse. Therefore, you will no longer have to trade comfort for performance.

Fortunately, there are many wireless gaming mouse to free you from that tether without introducing negative impacts to performance. We've rounded up our top picks from the many we've tested, so you can be sure you're getting a wireless gaming mouse that has been battle-tested.

Buying Guides

When buying a wireless mouse, you also need to keep in mind the important factors. First thing first is the mouse style, since each person has a different style of holding the mouse. Then there is the connection method, either bluetooth (no USB plug required) or wireless.

Next is the wireless mouse battery option. There are two main types including built-in batteries or you will have to attach AA or AAA batteries to purchase. A good wireless mouse will have a battery that can withstand long gaming sessions without the need to change batteries / charge batteries.

1. Logitech G903 Lightspeed 

This is really a super product from the letter "G", because the G903 has a response speed of up to 1 ms despite being a wireless mouse model. This means, the time from when you press the button until the character in the game performs a "burst" or aiming shot takes only 0.001 seconds!

The ambidextrous design is great—more comfortable than most, with the ability to add or remove thumb buttons from either side. You can also choose between having a clicky or free-spinning scroll wheel by hitting the button behind it. The aggressive-looking design is more comfortable than it appears, and it’s pretty light for a wireless mouse. If you want a heavier mouse, you can snap in the included 10-gram weight.

All thanks to Logitech exclusive Lightspeed technology. In addition, integrated inside the G903 are some other notable features such as wireless charging, long battery life. The pit design is suitable for both left and right hands, etc.

In case you wanna spend more money for your wireless gaming mouse of Logitech, we hardly recommend the G502 with $139,99. While the G903 remains an excellent alternative, especially for southpaw shooters, the added customizability and macros let the G502 inch ahead of the competition. This wireless version of this venerable warhorse is the spitting image of its ancestors and the pinnacle of uncompromising performance when it comes to wireless gaming rodents.

But if you intend to switch Razer brand, there is a “best viper” just $129,99. Yes, we’re talking about Razer Viper Ultimate Lightest Wireless Gaming Mouse, this little snake will shock you with badass design, good cost but the best quality.

2. Razer Basilisk Ultimate HyperSpeed 

This masterpiece really is the best of the snake team we’re ever known. Fast. Exactly. Deadly. Take your FPS skills to the highest level with this beast. Razer Basilisk Ultimate HyperSpeed has the most advanced optical sensor in the world and equipped with features like a dial to customize scroll wheel resistance. And the detachable DPI clutch, the Razer Basilisk is the ultimate FPS mouse.

The Basilisk is the only Razer mouse that allows you to adjust the smoothness of the roller and this is one of the reasons I love using it. The roller on the Basilisk Ultimate is no different from the original Basilisk, made of plastic and has a hard rubber layer with spikes covering for increased grip.

The feeling of holding the Basilisk Ultimate embraced and relaxed. The mouse weight at 102 g is neither too heavy nor too light, I'm satisfied with this weight. The rubber grip and ergonomic design make handling and lifting of the mouse easy. This is a very frequent action for those who often play FPS games.

The Basilisk Ultimate takes full advantage of Razer's HyperSpeed wireless tech, making it one of the fastest gaming mice out there. The comfortable right-handed mouse sports a total of eleven buttons, the 20K Focus+ sensor, and 14 zones of custom RGB lighting using Razer's Synapse software. Other than that, it's a fast wireless mouse that fits well into your hand with over 100 hours of battery life... with RGB lighting off.

With the initial experience, we feel satisfied with it, from the design to the perfection and features, it deserves the price $151,99.

Assuming that you’re rich or want to touch the higher-class wireless gaming mouse over the Basilisk Ultimate, we think you’re looking for Logitech G7 Laser Cordless - well, you’ll get what you pay for.

3. ASUS ROG Chakram Wireless Aura Sync RGB 

It's clear what the design team was going for when they built the Asus ROG Chakram: what if we combined a wireless gaming mouse and a joystick? Like a lot of similar ideas, a hybrid with the best features of a gaming mouse and a console controller sounds fantastic. Unfortunately, the reality turned out to be somewhat underwhelming.

Don't get us wrong: the Asus ROG Chakram definitely holds its own in the high-end weight class. It has a very high max 16,000 DPI, Bluetooth and 2.4GHz wireless connectivity, and built-in Qi wireless charging capability for its internal battery. If you have a mousepad with wireless charging, the Chakram will run as long as you want without needing to plug it into anything (which you can still do using the USB-C port).

With up to 16,000 DPI, 400 IPS, 40g physical acceleration, and up to a 1,000 Hz polling rate, the Asus ROG Chakram is an excellent choice for gamers who want complete control over the mouse's responsiveness and precision.

But if you're left-handed, of course this precious will not be suitable for you. The Asus ROG Chakram is a very comfortable mouse (analog stick aside), but it's built for the right-handed. There is no lefty or ambidextrous unit, so if you want one that's built with left-handed comfort in mind, this probably isn't the gaming mouse for you.


1. How do we test wireless gaming mouse?

One of the most important things of a wireless gaming mouse is battery. We used each wireless gaming mouse for several days, at minimum, getting a sense of how the mouse felt in our hands, the grip and material, and the feel of its buttons. We pay attention to battery life and how often the mouse needs to be recharged if it is rechargeable.

2. Is there any wireless gaming mouse for lefties?

Estimates say anywhere from 10%-25% of the population is left-handed and unfortunately, this leaves those who are left-handed forced to adapt to right-handed methods every single day.

Luckily, the peripherals industry has ultimately decided on neutral ambidextrous mice as the most viable solution to creating left-handed gaming mice. It’s a unique compromise that offers very high-quality options yet lacks in allowing left-handed gamers to have a product designed for them that works for them.

So in case you’re left-handed, Razer Lancehead is born for you. This is almost the best wireless gaming mouse for lefties. With $84,99 you can play as many games as you like with your dear left hand.

3. Wired vs Wireless – Which Is Best For Gaming?

Well, it’s hard to compare because this is better than the other and vice versa. The wired mouse has a stable connection, more responsive and cheaper than the wireless mouse, but you can’t avoid the cable clutter problem. On the other side, the wireless mouse has flexible movement and impressive outlook, but input lagging sometimes, or relies on battery for power. And of course, the wireless is almost more expensive than the wired.

4. How about the warranty of each company?

Take a look below at the warranties for each gaming mouse brand (change according to the warranty policy of each company from time to time):

  • Razor Wireless Mouse and Mat Bundles: 2 years.

  • SteelSeries: 1 year from purchase BUT only will cover manufacturing defects. Regular wear and tear is not covered.

  • Asus: Wear and tear warranty is not covered.

  • Logitech: Case to case - and you have to call and provide them with your serial number in order to speak to them.

5. Is The Quality Better Than The Cool?

While it is preferred to have a stylish mouse, it is among the last questions a truly gamer would consider looking into. With this, there are some important things to note about appearance and company brand. As always, go with quality first and well-known companies like Logitech, Razor, Asus.

A good wireless gaming should have:

  • Good battery life.

  • Impressive outlook.

  • Surface Tuning Calibration.

  • Scroll wheel adjustability.

  • Five DPI settings.

Final Thoughts

For a professional gamer, besides equipping yourself with a powerful configuration to fight, the accessories that come with the machine such as a gaming mouse or a gaming keyboard are equally important. Having a good gaming mouse makes a huge difference to your overall gaming experience.

Whether you play shooting online games or MMOs, using familiar skills on linked buttons gives you an edge over a traditional mouse. Of course, flashy gaming mice will also enhance the beauty of your computers.The factors for choosing the best gaming mouse are the comfortable grip, high performance, and good sensor.

Wireless gaming mice have gotten a lot better in terms of performance, and are also gaining popularity among gamers. Since there are virtually no input lag and super-fast (1ms) response / voting times, they can also be used for fast FPS games and eSports games like CS: Go, Unreal Tournaments, Battlefield, Call of Duty, Dota 2, LOL, etc. The backup battery has gotten better and the weight has dropped to a significant level.

These days, you can even find cheap wireless gaming mice if you don't have too much money to invest in a premium wireless gaming mouse from top brands like Logitech, Razer, Steelseries, etc… We suggest those best wireless gaming mouse which have lower cost like Razer Atheris Ambidextrous just $41, or Logitech MX Master $59,99. For the mid-range, you can choose Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro $79,99 - very good for real gamers and at a reasonable price.

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